Are you a #hashtag user? They haven’t become a habit with me. Unless I’m at an event with a hashtag and want my tweet or picture to show in the event’s social media stream. I rarely think of using hashtags as a way to search. The one exception is the #7vignettes hashtag on Instagram.

Here’s what you’ll see – click on the pic to see these a bit larger:

#7vignettes on Instagram

Each month for the first 7 days of the month, people all over the world photograph a vignette with a theme of the day. This day’s theme was “dining” which explains all the plates and flatware. Though some go completely outside the box and will link “dining” with something you never expected to see.

People find the space to be creative, such as in this image by Petra Holain:

#7vignettes October 2014 Dining Image by Petra Holain

From #7vignettes hashtag, I’ve found many visually inspiring people around the world. A lot are in Australia because the founder of #7vignettes is from Australia. Jen Bishop of The Interiors Addict blog started #7vignettes almost two years ago and since then over 43,000 photos have been shared.

Here’s how it works: For the first 7 days of every month, there’s a list of 7 inspiration words. Jen Bishop posts them on her Instagram. So follow her if you want to play along. Each day you create a vignette or scene inspired by that day’s word. She says, make them creative, beautiful or fun, and they don’t have to be about interiors. Then you take a picture and post it on Instagram. It’s a contest, so each month has a judge who chooses a winner. You can win cool stuff like a framed Hermes scarf!

You don’t have to take much time to make a vignette. I spend maybe 5 minutes, snap the pic, post, and go on with life. I don’t expect any win. It’s just a fun way to look at things around you in a different way, and connect with new people on Instagram.

It’s going on right now so you can search the #7vignettes hashtag on Instagram and see hundreds of new pictures this week.

The first day theme was “Living” so I captured this little scene in my living room of a Chinese chest, a table I made and painted, and Burmese lacquerware box:

#7 vignettes

For the second day theme of “Dining” I captured a photo of my dining table dressed up for fall with a silk Japanese kimono fabric as a table runner:

#7vignettes dining table scene

I’ll keep trying to do a “global” feel for all seven vignettes this week.

I hope you join in on #7vignettes!

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