The Queen of All Tassel Necklaces Now Available on Etsy

Last year I posted about tassel necklaces and there was one necklace in particular that was pinned like crazy. It was this one from Etsy shop Mimoza:

Tassel Necklace from Etsy Shop Mimoza

If you look carefully, it’s not one necklace exploding with tassels, but many necklaces together.

Today I noticed Mimoza now has a very similar tassel necklace available on Etsy! It is five chains in one necklace, loaded with tassels:

Mimoza Etsy Shop Tassel Necklace

Because this look was so popular, I figured people might want to know, you can get this now! It’s $88 and available at Mimoza on Etsy. I promise to not buy it so you have a chance to get it. :) But I am soooo tempted. I couldn’t wear this to work but it would be crazy fun to wear in India!

While you’re there, she also has smaller tassel necklaces in various colors like this one for $32:

Tassel Necklace from Mimoza on Etsy

As with many Etsy sellers, it looks like you can also request a custom order if you want certain colors or a different number of tassels.

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