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Numerous times I’ve thought you have gotta see this Facebook page I’ve been following. Finally sharing! It’s The Little Silk Road Shop and if you like suzani, you will get a daily dose there. What I like about their page is they share behind-scenes peeks of actually doing the embroidering, they share antique photos of old Bukhara suzani ateliers, and their photos are always just delicious for the eyes.

Here’s a visual feast (and head over to The Little Silk Road Shop’s Facebook and follow if you want more helpings of photos like these!) …

How many of us work in gray or beige offices? What if our workplaces had a little more color like this?

The Little Silk Road Suzani Shop on Facebook

I love to see glimpses of the creative and making process. It’s a reminder of the obvious but overlooked, that these complex, intricate and laborious things don’t happen in the snap of a finger:

Facebook Page for The Little Silk Road Suzani Shop

One of those antique photos I mentioned:

Making Suzani

And there’s plenty of textile eye candy, like these photos of vintage suzani:

Vintage Suzani via The Little Silk Road Suzani Shop

Suzani Vintage from The Little Silk Road Suzani Shop

They show how people weave suzani into their homes:

Suzani Bed Covering

I love this idea of simply stretching it over a canvas for display. Hmmmm. This is giving me ideas for the bins full of textiles I’ve been hoarding at my house. Why keep them boxed up? Why not let them hang free and enjoyed, like this:

Suzani on Canvas as Wall Art

So that’s just a glimpse of what you’ll find. Head on over to The Little Silk Road Shop for more!

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  1. I absolutely love your post. I am a fan of displaying beautiful fabrics on the walls to get a full view of how beautiful they are. The last picture is a winner!!

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