Bhil Tribal Art

I discovered Bhil tribal art earlier this year when my husband and I found Sutra Gallery of fine art and textiles in Door County, Wisconsin. The owner, Abbey Box, spent a few years living in India and has now brought India’s art to the tippy-tip of northern Wisconsin. There’s a tribal art piece she has that every time I check her site, my heart skips a beat before I see it’s not yet marked “sold.” I don’t know what the artist’s original story was for her art, but I have my own meaningful story that fits it. It’s an important lesson to remember every day. I suppose that means that art is calling me. But it costs enough that I need to ask my husband about it, and might he say “no.” Anyway, I won’t tip my hand for now as to exactly which piece it is! Maybe I will get it and tell the story here. Visit Sutra Gallery online to see some excellent examples of Indian tribal art.

Tribal art from India seems to have been discovered. I’ve seen it on Saffronart and currently there are pieces for sale at Jaypore from the Bhil tribal community in central India. Their works show what they see and live with, mostly elements of nature like animals and trees. Although modern life is catching up with them, so you can now see automobiles and airplanes in their art!

Here’s a sample of their colorful style of art …

Tree-Bird Bhil Painting By Dubbu Bariya from Jaypore

Elephant Bhil Painting By Anil Bariya

Tree-Bird Bhil Painting By Dubbu Bariya

Bird-Cow Bhil Painting By Ramesh Bariya

Peacock-Bird Bhil Painting By Shanta Bhuriya

And finally, for today’s times:

Car-Men Bhil Painting By Ramesh Bariya

The works shown here are from Jaypore.

The style reminds me of Australian aboriginal art. This Bhil tribal art may look different than art you’re used to seeing. But don’t let that stop you from investing in something that draws you. As they say, “art shouldn’t match your sofa!”

Also you might notice price differences when shopping online. Some art may already be framed and others aren’t. Do check on that because good framing to protect art is not cheap and that can account for differences. And also obviously, some art is original and some are reproduced prints. It’s good to look carefully at what you are getting.

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