Senegal Style

What? Senegal style? I know. I hadn’t ever given much thought to style in Senegal. It’s not like bookstore shelves are lined with books about this style. But earlier this year, while I was looking for a free award flight to Marrakech this week, one of the return trip routes went through Dakar. I didn’t choose that option. But I thought about it. Still thinking about it. I did call United Airlines and ask if I could change to that routing. But no go, nothing available now.

Darn. Because I need a bit of adventure in life right now.

I racked up 80,000+ award miles on United flying to places like Austin, San Antonio, Portland, Washington DC, Newark, San Diego, Nashville, Houston, Minneapolis, Harrisburg, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore, Columbus, Toronto, San Francisco. Ping-ponging through the air, all over North America. There’s interesting things for travelers in all these places. But still, none of them are … Senegal!

So what’s in Senegal? Let’s find out …

You will find bold, colorful confident style in Senegal. Photo by FireflyUSC on Flickr:

Woman in Senegal by FireflyUSC on Flickr

Or this “Fashion in Dakar,” photographed by Sibylle Bergemann:

Fashion in Dakar by Sibylle Bergemann

How about this color combo, captured by ElectricSprout:

Senegal Color

No words I could write would add to this image. It’s the French-Senegalese Alliance in Senegal by architect Patrick Dujarric:

French-Senegalese Alliance in Senegal by architect Patrick Dujarric

My sister-in-law teaches French at the Alliance Française in Chennai, India!  But their building, while nice, looks nothing like this!

From Elle Decor France, here are tabletop patterns inspired by Senegal style (as Senegal is a former French colony):

Senegal Style Tabletop

That scene is inspired by the bold West African wax print fabrics like this one from Senegal, via Goree Shop Chicago, which imports goods from Africa:

West African Wax Print Fabric from Senegal via Goree Shop Chicago

This colorful chair with personality PLUS, sold at Anthropologie, is made in Senegal:

Anthropologie Chair Made in Senegal

Are you smitten with Senegal style now too? You can find plenty more on this Pinterest Board:

Follow Nomadic Decorator’s board Senegal Style on Pinterest.



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2 Replies to “Senegal Style”

  1. Sorry, but the image of the lake it’s not Lake Retba, in Senegal, that’s the lake Hillier in Australia.
    Best regards :)

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for letting me know. I deleted it because while searching it looks like people are mixing these two lakes up a lot! Would be even worse to post another photo that’s also the lake in Australia! Thank you, Deb

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