The Royal Mansour

Tomorrow I’m on the way to Marrakech! So excited. I’m going on Royal Design Studio’s “Paint and Play” Retreat in Morocco. If you like what you see here in the coming weeks, you can go too! There will be more trips to Morocco in 2015.

One place we’ll see is the Royal Mansour. Check out these photos and then I’ll tell you more about it, because you shouldn’t have to wade through a bunch of words first.

Royal Mansour in Marrakech

Glimpse of the Royal Mansour

Marrakech Royal Mansour

Royal Mansour Bathroom Tile

Royal Mansour Patterns

Royal Mansour Tile

Royal Mansour Morocco

These scenes of rooms are stunning. But so are the little details. Here’s a snapshot of a tassel by Slim Paley who wrote a gorgeous post about her visit to the Royal Mansour. A tassel? Ha, big deal, you say? Well not at the Royal Mansour. They do their tassels like this:

Tassels at the Royal Mansour by Slim Paley

And, this blue moment she spotted there:

True Blue Moment at Royal Mansour by Slim Paley

A pattern mix on the floor, via Slim Paley’s blog post:

Royal Mansour Pattern Mix via Slim Paley

Is this place for real?!? Soon I shall see for myself! I won’t believe it until then.

I feel like I need to widen this blog’s image format to 800 pixels wide so you can truly see the details! Like my eyes are straining, I want to see more more more!

Aren’t the tiles breath-taking. And all the patterns that somehow work together without fighting each other. The strength of the symmetry.

There are over 50 multi-story private riads at the Royal Mansour. Like, entire little homes, not rooms. And all the riads are connected by underground tunnels for service staff. It’s owned by the king of Morocco and was built by his artisans, so if it feels more like a palace than a hotel to you, you may be right. It’s definitely luxury but if you cannot afford to stay there, you can stop by for a drink or meal, or the spa, and enjoy the public areas.


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