Marrakech Souk Shopping

I can’t remember the last time I shopped in a mall, like you know, the Great American Shopping Mall. Where everything is so shiny and new and machine manufactured and perfect. I’d far rather be where I’ve been the last few days – walking a souk like the Marrakech souks. Have a look …

Marrakech Souks

Marrakech Souk Jewelry

Marrakech Souk Lanterns

Bone Platter in Marrakech Souk

At first in places like this, your eye won’t know where to focus. It’s dripping with stuff. But go in and take a look and you will find fascinating things, like the platter above:

Souk Shopping in Marrakech

The lady who is attached to this arm bought a bunch of these enormous tassels:

Tassels in Marrakech Souk

And of course, the impossibly stacked spices:

Marrakech Spices

For the occasion, I wore what I call the “souk necklace.” I made it to look like something you’d find in the souks of Damascus (when it was safe) or Delhi or Jordan. Instead, I found the pieces of this necklace at Michaels and Etsy, and I strung them all together, and all together they make me think of a souk souvenir:

DIY Souk Necklace

I don’t know that there will be a lot of nomadic decorating going on though – I think I am here looking for something else other than a “shop till you drop” experience. What I am looking for I am not really sure. But I do believe that what you can learn about yourself when you travel is far more valuable than the stuff you can buy.

Although I did find this really cool brass faucet and it would look great in one of the India pied-a-terre’s bathrooms, whenever we get around to finishing the place. It’s exactly the look I’m going for – the Can’t Find It At Home Depot look.

Brass Faucet in Marrakech

I did not get the faucet though because what do I know about plumbing? And especially, plumbing in India. Absolutely nothing. Other than water flows through it. We are already the owners of four toilets for a place that has two bathrooms! But that is another story for another day …

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6 Replies to “Marrakech Souk Shopping”

  1. Now that is what I call a Mall!!! Items with substance & character… I can’t remember the last time I was in an American ‘Mall” & you won;t ever catch me in one again … ever!! These are wonderful pictures…thanks for sharing…:)

  2. Love, Love love your blog. I’m a follower since before your new name. I would love to go shopping there. I love all things ethnic. Need to ask a question…I need help. I want to do a Indian inspired tablescape (without place settings) more like elaborate Indian centerpiece and I see more “Moroccan” designs and that is not the feel of what I’m looking for. Any ideas to help me? Thanks

    1. Hi Linda, thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve following along for awhile! I’m happy to help. I think one thing that makes something feel “Indian” is color. Like the wild mix of color here: “Marigold orange” is a very Indian look and this tablescape/centerpiece includes elephants which is iconic Indian and definitely not Moroccan: Something paisley is great Indian motif: maybe wrap paisley fabric around something to make a centerpiece? These pictures also all include gold which adds Indian touch. In this next one, the color is toned down with more gold and I see lanterns as centerpiece: You could spray paint lanterns like the ones here in India’s colors: This is cool idea with henna designs: This is a different way to use candlesticks and you can use India colors around it: So maybe choosing iconic India motifs is one way to have the centerpiece be distinctively Indian and not Moroccan. Elephant, paisley, peacock, lots of bright gold (like 24 karat gold color) and rhinestone. This is SO cute – Rajasthani style umbrella as a centerpiece: I have no idea where you’d find that kind of umbrella, but it looks like if you can find a small decorative umbrella in an India color and add tassels and jewels on to it, it could look like this.

      This is fun – I should do a blog post on this! I hope this helps you get some ideas! You might also search “Indian wedding decorations” even if you’re not decorating for a wedding, it seems like a lot of ideas are pulling up from wedding sites.

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