Moroccan Mint Tea Glasses

Some of us became addicted to the ritual of Moroccan mint tea in Marrakech last week. If you don’t want to go all the way to Morocco to get mint tea glasses (although I recommend that you do!), you can easily find these jewels online.

Many years ago, you could have bought Moroccan mint tea glasses from a candle catalog we had back in the 90s. I wish I’d kept a set for myself! We sold the glasses with natural mint scented votive candles. Here’s a photo of the glasses from our catalog:

Moroccan Mint Tea Glasses and Indian Temple Door

I styled the tea glasses on a little Indian tea table that I sanded down to remove dark stain (so the tea glasses would “pop” visually). My mother-in-law happened to be in town at the time, so I took her red sari and paired it with an old Indian temple door to make an exotic backdrop. She was more than a little surprised with what I did with her sari! This was my favorite all-time shot over about four years of running that catalog. You’d never know this photo was not in an exotic setting in Delhi or Mumbai. It was set up in a corner of our living room in a boring feature-less white condo in Novi, Michigan. So I’ve loved global decor for a long time.

Let’s look at some tea glasses available for you today. My favorite are these colors and design from Viva Terra:

Moroccan Tea Glasses from Viva Terra

Those colors would go so well in my dining room.

These strong jewel colors from are bold enough to elevate mint tea drinking to a special celebratory event:

Moroccan Mint Tea Glasses from JustMorocco

If you prefer a more subtle design, how about these delicate henna-inspired glasses from Not on the High Street:

Moroccan Mint Tea Glasses from Not on the High Street

I could see green and gold ones like these (or red and gold) as holiday candleholders for decoration, if you don’t think you will drink mint tea. These are from Moroccan Prestige:

Green and Gold Moroccan Mint Tea Glasses from Moroccan Prestige

This gives you an idea of what these glasses look like, if you haven’t seen them before. There are hundreds of designs and colors to choose from. Just Google “Moroccan mint tea glasses” in Google Image and you will find an endless supply.

Now what you must see is how to make Moroccan mint tea and especially, the impressive way they pour this tea in Morocco!

Pouring Moroccan Mint Tea

I wonder how much they practice and how much they waste to learn to pour like that. Because these glasses are tiny!

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