My Kind of Flower Arrangements

You might have been able to guess if you’ve been following along for awhile, but a dozen red roses in a glass vase is not my thing. Nope. Gotta be something different. Like these arrangements from Terrain …

A crazy hanging globe arrangement looks a little like a bad hair day, but prettier with plants:

Terrain Hanging Globe Flower Arrangement

This arrangement is made with echinops and sarracenia — as unusual sounding as it is looking. But there are some common oak leaves in here too:

Terrain Flower Arrangement

That vase looks a lot like lassi cups from India.

I like the amaranth creeping over the edge of this arrangement and the contrast with the fluffy cotton:

Terrain Cotton and Amaranth Arrangement

This red clover and artichoke bouquet is unexpected for the Christmas holidays and that’s why I like it:

Terrain Artichoke Christmas Bouquet

What do you think? Would you go for these? I figure, we all know what roses, carnations and wisps of babies breath look like. Why not try something different.

Here’s a wild bouquet I made years ago for our sunroom. It has that amaranth drooping over at the bottom:

Flower Bouquet

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2 Replies to “My Kind of Flower Arrangements”

  1. I love the Sarracenias -pitcher plants. I recently made an elegant artificial Sarracenia and Venus Fly Trap arrangement in a hammered metal bowl with some small green branchy filler.
    As ‘creepy’ as the Carnivorous plants might appear on their own, they’re really pretty for a summer arrangement and are unexpectedly elegant in shape!

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