2015 Vow: Go Big or Don’t Go Out

I don’t understand that “go big or go home” saying. Why even bother going out in the first place if you’re not going to “go big?” I recently learned the benefits of “go big.” I used to wear demure pearl earrings and anything with more personality felt like too much. They were from Tiffany’s so they were good pearl earrings. But not very impactful. It took a few years to really gravitate away from that.

Somewhere along the way, I changed thinking to deciding if you’re going to part with your money and give it to someone else, you better get something worth it in return. (Maybe everyone else knew this much younger but it took me awhile to consciously realize this!) I’ve decided “personality” is worth it. You can spend the same on demure Tiffany’s pearl studs as on something big, bold, colorful, unusual. Maybe the pearls are more valuable. But they are boring.

Here’s a big pendant with big personality I recently got from Jaypore and I’ve worn it everywhere, and everywhere I go, people comment on it:

Jaypore Pendant from India

People step up to take a closer look. They ask where it’s from. They ask what’s in it. Nothing right now, but it does open and something should be in it. I’ve heard ideas from medical marijuana stash to photos to pills.

It was from Jaypore’s collection of “Mughal Queen” jewelry by Suman Mishra, who made pendants encrusted with gemstones:

Suman Mishra Necklace at Jaypore

Gypsy Pendant

Just be careful if you wear bigger things like this and you lean forward to pet your cat or dog (or bunny or bird or whatever you have). My cat got bonked on the nose and he really didn’t appreciate this go big movement.

“Go big” can be many things:

  • Literally big, like get artwork that fills an entire wall instead of a little 8″ x 10″ piece
  • Bright bold color
  • Crazy mix of patterns
  • Unusual never seen before

Do you want something that will stop people? Make them look and ask questions? Or do you want something that blends into the background? I’ve lived life both ways, and decided which way is worth going next.


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6 Replies to “2015 Vow: Go Big or Don’t Go Out”

    1. I made a similar New Years resolution a few years ago and didn’t really stick with it. This time I am! Instead of getting 10 little things, wait and get 1 big thing, etc.

  1. That is a beautiful and conversation-inviting pendant necklace! I like the idea of this, too. Although I’m not big on large statement jewelry myself, I love mixing bright colors and unusual patterns and have only sometimes in the past let myself wear what I really want in professional settings, for example. But I am a musician and artist, so I don’t think I have to worry about being judged too much, anyway!

    1. Thank you Traci! I think it’s the “having to be professional” that makes people less bold and creative. Why does it have to be that way. All the worrying about image and looking professional gave me a closet full of clothes and jewelry that don’t feel like me. They’re more like a uniform. Which I suppose that’s exactly what they are!

      Your art is *so super fun*!! I want sayings and quipples on all the mugs now …

  2. HI Deb,

    Thanks for much featuring my jewelry on your blog. I love your take on ‘Go big or go home’. I like how you say, “I’ve decided “personality” is worth it. ”

    I will be putting up your post on my Facebook Fan page.

    Have a great day!


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