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What is it about Instagram? Both Pinterest and Instagram are about pictures, but it’s so much easier to discover new people and connect with them on Instagram. So for Follow Friday, I thought I’d share a few instagrammers where I wish there was a love button not just a like button.

Every day, I almost buy a kilim from kayakilims. Most days I can’t. Because the rugs can sell within a few minutes of posting! I’m even reluctant to share this source with you. But over 5,000 people have already found her, so oh well, stiff competition already out there:

Kayakilim on Instagram

Kilim from KayaKilim

She lives in Turkey, her enthusiasm for rugs shines through every instagram, and sometimes she shares personal stories like when she and her husband met, when he said he was staying with friends but he was really flying to Azerbaijan to meet her, and he had a kilim on his shoulder for her. And how every kilim has a story because women will make the kilims for when they get married. It takes a long time to make them and there’s much conversation and gossip told over the kilim as it’s woven. If only kilims could talk! Now kilims are her livelihood and you can tell she loves it. It makes you want to buy a kilim to have some of that joy.

There are a lot of stylists popular on Instagram because they excel at designing vignettes for photos. One of my favorites is Paige Morse:

Paige Morse Textured Textiles on Instagram

How about that texture! That color! The brass detail. She has an eye for textiles and mixing styles from around the world, and of course that is my style obsession too. She also has a tiny house which must be a fun playground for styling pretty scenes like this:

Paige Morse Stylist on Instagram

She is a master at mixing patterns!

Authentic_Interiors is another stylist, I believe in Australia, who arranges lots of natural materials like bleached coral, cowrie shells, weathered wood and whites and neutral colors. Her photos are a sweep of fresh air on my screen and although I’m not a beach person, they make me want to go to the beach:

Authentic_Interiors on Instagram

I appreciate the contrasts in her vignettes. She teases out the richness in neutrals:

Vignette on Instagram by Authentic_Interiors

Sheherazade Home, a furniture store in NYC, shares pattern-full eye candy like no other. Like this 19th century mirror from Spain:

Sheherazade Home Antique Mirror from Spain

And how about this boho chic combo. It makes me want to be braver about mixing patterns:

Sheherazade Home Pattern Mix

So that’s a few follows for Friday! Head on over to Instagram and these four will make you forget the outside world for awhile. More coming on future Fridays.

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