Oh My Achy Breaky Back – Time for Luxury …

It’s been a tough 10 days in India.

Breathing dust kicked up by the carpenter. Sweating so much I wash my face six times a day. Solving what seem like insurmountable problems, until we think hard enough and creatively enough. It’s rough on the brain. Sleeping on a thin mattress on a tile floor. That last one is the worst of all — I expected to be comfortably sleeping in our apartment’s master bedroom by now. It will be a few more days from now.

I’m ready for the luxury treatment.

To just spin around in fresh air, free of paint fumes, in a swirly skirt:

Swirly Skirt

To lounge among silk pillows on an old canopy bed, snacking on cold pomegranate seeds:

Canopy Bed

To read Indian design magazines all day, surrounded by patterns and textures:

Patterns and Textures

To wear gold zari embroidered outfits and be pampered with a pedicure – a pedicure at home, so I don’t even have to go anywhere:


To be served dinner by candlelight, surrounded by a canopy:

Candlelit Lounge

To wear a dress with pom-pom trim, and stare wistfully out a jali window:


(Though honestly, I would get out-of-my-mind bored if there was nothing better to do but stare wistfully out a window. It sounds nice for about two minutes.)

I shall slide my pampered feet along in padukas:

Doris Duke Shangri-La Padukas

As I make my way to an embellished chest full of silks from travels around the world:

Embellished Chest

I shall lounge by curtains like these billowing with soft breezes through the window:


Why sit in the glow of only one Fortuny lamp, when you can have a bunch in your imagination:


At the end of the day, I rest my head here:

Luxurious Bedroom

All these images are pinned on my India Apartment – Decorating Inspiration Pinterest Board. Making our apartment in India a luxurious space is what has caused an achy breaky back! And overall exhaustion. We’ll bounce back soon!


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  1. I think I lived in “the women’s quarters” in many a past life. The waiting gets old quick.?

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