Framed Saree Fabric

I stumbled on this idea during online travels: framed saree fabric! And why not? The designs, the techniques to make handmade sarees whether block printed or embroidered, it’s art.

Like this colorful framed saree fabric from Etsy shop Firozi:

Framed Saree Fabric

This framed saree fabric, also available from Firozi, is perfect for boho decor:

Framed Saree Fabric from Firozi

If you’ve seen global textiles on Pinterest, no doubt you’ve come across framed Mali mudcloth and framed kuba cloth from Congo. There’s framed Thai hilltribe fabric. I have framed Fortuny fabrics. So why not hang framed saree fabric as well, and celebrate it?

Sarees often have enough different designs on one saree, that you can mix and match coordinating colors and designs, similar to this from BHG. Though I am not sure this is saree fabric:

Framed Fabric BHG

Look on eBay and Etsy for vintage sarees, and look for sarees that have a lot of different designs on one saree. You can easily create this look.

Here are vintage saree borders in embroidery hoops, used as frames, from Etsy shop FoundVintageObjects:

Sari Borders in Embroidery Hoops via FoundVintageObjects Etsy Shop

Using embroidery hoops is an interesting idea when the saree is embroidered. You can even use very large embroidery hoops to show off a large piece of fabric.

You can find neutral saree fabric too. Like this beautiful beaded antique piece from Doesn’t Cost the Earth blog:

Framed Antique Saree Fabric from Doesnt Cost the Earth Blog

These examples of framed saree fabric from the Furniture Divas in the UK are so elegantly framed:

Franed Sari Fabric from The Furniture Divas

The Furniture Divas Framed Saree Fabric

There aren’t many photos to be found online of framed saree fabric. So maybe this isn’t an overdone thing yet. Let’s start a trend, what about it?


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4 Replies to “Framed Saree Fabric”

  1. Love these ideas. Last summer I covered a large wooden frame that had a wide face with some sari fabric I had ordered via ebay and just love it. I also made a smaller one for my sister as a gift. Sari fabric is so easy to work with – decoupages easier than paper and can be varnished or waxed.
    There are sooooo many ways to use small pieces of left over sari fabric.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Oh wow what a great idea…I have some pieces that would look great…now I know what do do with them…Great post…Thanks :)

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