Global Goods: The Baba Tree Basket Company

Sometimes a photo on Instagram stops me in my scrolling tracks. Does that happen to you too? What stopped me? These smiles! And these baskets!

Baba Tree Basket Company

Baba Tree Basket from Ghana

Baba Tree Basket Artisan

This is the joy! The joy of making things and sharing them with the world. I love the happy colors of their baskets. Here are details of the baskets, all photos from the Baba Tree Baskets Instagram (follow, follow now!):

Baba Tree Basket Company Details

You can find the basket that sings to your own heart, and buy it at their shop online. (go, go now!)

They’re made in Ghana from dyed grasses and reeds. I really like that you can see the artisan who made your basket with such pride, and know his or her name.

So far, I’ve shown you really colorful baskets. They also make beautiful neutral color baskets:

Baba Tree Neutral Color Baskets

I ordered a few orange and green baskets for our living room. Here’s one of them:

Baba Tree Basket Nomadic Decorator

True to my global style, this Baba Tree Basket from Ghana usually holds an alpaca Peruvian blanket we use on the sofa. The basket is in front of a rice god from northern Thailand, which is draped with a huge clay Mexican rosary I found in Old Town San Diego many years ago. My husband said, why did you put a cross on a rice god? (Which I think is either/both Buddhist or Hindu, I’m not sure.) I said that especially in today’s times, we need to mix with people from everywhere, with all backgrounds and all beliefs, all over the world.

Baba Tree Artisan

The baskets are very lightweight. I’m considering getting a big zig zag basket for our apartment in India. Something like this huge Jemima 10 Cows basket:

Baba Tree Website

The baskets are “smoosh-able” so I could fit it in a suitcase. Baba Tree sends instructions to you to put water on the basket and reshape it after shipping, so it retains its original shape.

See, this is how a Baba Tree zig zag basket would fit with all the patterns in our Chennai apartment — yes I have all these pillows and they’re going to India in a suitcase on the next trip!

India Apartment Decor Moodboard

Baba Tree artisans make baskets of all sizes, from small ones that fit in the palms of your hands, to baskets large enough to hold loads of laundry. Some are for storage, some are for display. They make baskets of all colors. Their handcrafted bicycle baskets and baby baskets are so cute. Their small baskets would be great gifts with things tucked in them like creative foods or small clothing accessories.

The Baba Tree Basket Company occasionally runs 20% off sales. Follow them on Instagram to get sale notices.

I should note, this is not a sponsored post. I just loved their Instagram, and I love the baskets I purchased – I thought I’d share to spread the joy of these basketweavers!


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4 Replies to “Global Goods: The Baba Tree Basket Company”

  1. Am also totally obsessed with this brand. Interviewed Gregory the founder earlier this year for my blog. Amazingly hilarious dude!

  2. Hi Deb!!!
    Greetings from Bolgatanga, Ghana!
    THANKS SO MUCH for your generous and complimentary blog post on the Baba Tree!
    I found it a few days ago and was thrilled that a decor veteran, such as yourself, took such delight in what we do!
    I can’t convey enough how posts like this fill our sails. We work hard in order to offer the best quality that is available for baskets coming from this region of Ghana. When people buy baskets retail, from, it makes a considerable difference for all of us. It’s huge. All the weavers take such delight in selling a basket as they feel that all of their hard work has been validated and the extra income earned from the commission on a sale are vitally important. It makes it all worth it.
    In amongst the daily avalanche of ‘things to do’ we are doing our best to make fly so that all of us at the Baba Tree – situated in this hot and dusty little enclave that is Ghana’s Upper East Region – find a little bit more jingle in our sporran.

    Gregory MacCarthy
    The Baba Tree

    1. Hi Gregory!
      I was just visiting your site again recently, showing my husband the beautiful smiles and gorgeous baskets! I am glad to cast attention your way and to the weaving artisans in Ghana. I absolutely value their hard work and enjoy the color these baskets bring to our home daily. I will be back for more! Deb

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