2018 Paint Color Trends

During my recent One Room Challenge room re-design, I felt like I chose unpopular colors, to be honest. I still chose them, because they are what I love and I want to live with. But I’m not choosing the cool grays, whites and ocean blues that people love so much. I like warmth on the wall, so I like beige. Not greige. Beige.  But is beige uncool? There are many beiges. I have learned from Maria Killam’s color blog all about the very uncool “pink beige.” I now try to analyze undertones and avoid the pink-ish beiges. My house is full of pink beige from the previous owners and our own previous years’ decisions, though.

Anyway, it’s easy in today’s world of online sharing to second guess your color decisions, especially when you are a home decor blogger or Instagrammer. I recently saw a story about people painting their rooms white because white rooms perform well on Instagram. Well, I fill my rooms with beige and various warm orangey and paprika colors. One room has lots of red. Maybe it’s because I’m an Aries, a fire sign?

I checked into color trends for 2018, to see if I am really woefully off track with color tastes. Or, maybe I’ve been ahead of the curve?

Here’s what I found forecasted for Behr paint — lots of warmer colors:

2018 Behr Paint Color Trends

And Benjamin Moore’s 2018 colors. Visit their website for the paint names and codes:

2018 Benjamin Moore Color Trends

Sherwin Williams gives some background behind inspiration for their color palettes, ranging from minimalism and hygge, to artisanal crafts and indigenous patterns, to California Pop and environmentalism.

2018 Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Spice. I see many warm spice colors. Colors of cumin, tamarind, cayenne, curry, paprika.

Bohemian. 2018 trends include many of the boho chic colors that are on textiles from South America, Morocco and Asia – popular fabrics right now.

Warm white. The whites are warm. And yes we see beiges there!

Desert. There are desert colors, muted desert ochres and oranges, but I don’t foresee Southwestern style, I see global nomadic desert like the Sahara and the dusty desert cities of Rajasthan. Camel. Sand. Of course, call me very biased about the global nomadic idea, you might be right!

Jungalow. Many greens, from clear greens to muted greens. A whole garden of green. I see dirt colors and leaves. Is that the Jungalow style brought to us by Justina Blakeney?

Blues. Yes we still have the blues. Blues of one kind or another will always be around. In 2018, teal blues will be popular.

So, because of the prominence of spice and desert colors, my favorite paint color preferences — which really come from spice jars with some teal accent — might not be all that out of step right now!

Do you see your favorite colors in the 2018 forecast?

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5 Replies to “2018 Paint Color Trends”

  1. Deciding what kind of colour to put on your walls just because it’s trendy seems really silly to me. You must strive to make your home comfortable and cozy for you, not for your Instagram feed. I’m also a “rebel” for that matter, though I won’t lie I like most of the colours which are trendy now. I love pastel colours! :3
    Great post, thank you for sharing it!

    1. I agree with you! Gray was popular for a long time, but I am not a fan of gray so I didn’t paint walls with it. Though I thought I’d like a deep orange/paprika wall, once I painted a room that color and had to live with it, I decided it resulted in too high a temperature feeling-wise. Like the color made me feel angry! The impact of color on us is very interesting. We are going to re-paint that paprika room.

  2. Pops of color have a big impact and can be used to transition from one area of the house to another. They are perfect for stairway landings, hallways and entrances. Use them to highlight a window

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