Sundance Vintage Kantha Sari Chairs

As of right now, July 2023, the Sundance catalog has chairs upholstered with saris. They have kantha stitches so they have texture. And of course they have the obvious things about saris – wild colors and pattern mixes!

They’re made with vintage saris, so they’re one-of-a-kind.

Vimal Sari Club Chair:

Ishana Sari Club Chair:

Jaiyush Sari Club Chair:

Samarth Sari Club Chair:

Yusra Sari Club Chair:

There’s a Sundance store within walking distance of our house, and I really should go. I miss the days when we got paper catalogs in the mailbox, and I’d sit in a comfy chair and flip through the pages, and dream. Clicking on online pages is NOT the same.

Speaking of the comfy chair … our chairs are great quality and were pricey nearly 20 years ago. But now they’re almost 20 years old. The feathers and down are squished. The upholstery mostly still looks good, but cat claws and vigorous vacuuming of fur took their toll in a few spots. I don’t intend to ever throw this furniture out, or put it on Craigs List or Facebook Marketplace. We bought quality construction. I don’t want to pay the cost now for that level quality. The chairs can always be re-upholstered. These Sundance chairs are making me imagine how we could re-do our chairs.

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