Stenciled Wall Art Inspired by Indian Jali Windows

I’m thrilled to announce something new and inspiring for you! It’s a blogzine  called Paint + Pattern from Royal Design Studio, the stencil company that has inspired my creativity so much over the past years. And, I will be a contributor there, sharing projects and creative ideas several times a month. I’m super excited that today Paint + Pattern is featuring a cool stenciled wall art idea I created that uses BOTH stencils and patterned scrapbook paper:

Stenciled Wall Art with Decoupage Scrapbook Paper

It was so fun play with both stencils and scrapbook paper, and layer patterns upon patterns. I call this stenciled wall art “windows to the world.” It’s inspired by jali windows in India. But you are welcome to steal the idea and combine stencils and patterned papers in any way you like. I hope you are inspired to try this!

For the how-to DIY details and a story about the jali inspiration, visit the post at Paint + Pattern.

Whenever I am posting at Paint + Pattern, I’ll share a (hopefully tantalizing!!) photo with you here and a link to the post over there. All of us at Paint + Pattern are excited about sharing a world of color, paint, patterns and inspiration with you there. And once you’re at Paint + Pattern, I just know you’ll be clicking around all over the place … I certainly am, and pinning too, there’s so many visual delights there. Enjoy!

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DIY Picture Frame Tray with Sequins & Scrapbook Paper

When I spotted scrapbook paper with hot pink sequins all over it at Michaels, I thought of my sister. The only way it could have been more perfect is if it had fur on it too. That might be a bit much. But not for her!

I made a little tray out of a picture frame with the paper:

How to make a scrapbook paper tray with a picture frame

I also thought of my sister when I saw this on Pinterest:


That explains the hot pink sequins!

Here are supplies to make the tray …

  • 2″ deep picture frame found at Michaels at 2-for-1 sale. (I already posted another DIY tray tutorial with the other frame)
  • 12″ x 12″ square of scrapbook paper (I found this sequined paper at Michaels)
  • Stencil and paint
  • Two cabinet drawer handles

Supplies to make a tray from scrapbook paper and picture frame

This project is ridiculously easy. First, remove the matt from the picture frame. Leave the glass in place.

Cut the scrapbook paper to fit in the frame (you can use the matt as a guide). Put the scrapbook paper in the frame. Put the backing back on the frame and secure it.

Making a picture frame tray with sequined scrapbook paper

This is what you should have:

How to make a scrapbook paper picture frame tray

These steps are so super easy, but this tray doesn’t have to look easy. You can get crazy creative with various papers and patterns. You could piece together several papers under the glass. You could paint the frame. You could put personalized mementos under the glass along with the scrapbook paper (stamps? postcards? show or concert tickets?). My tray is small but you can get a large frame for a larger tray and that gives you more room for creativity.

Now, while putting the glass back in the frame, I pushed too hard and there was a small crack. So I filled it with wood filler:

Fixing a crack in a picture frame

Then repainted the frame black, and painted some tribal stencil pattern with silver paint on the sides. I thought the tribal pattern would be a cool contrast with the sequins. The stencil is from the new Raven+Lily line at Royal Design Studio:

Raven and Lily Tribal stencil painted on picture frame

As an optional step – but I think this helps it look more like a tray – you can attach  drawer handles to two sides of the picture frame. I unfortunately didn’t get a photo of this step but it’s self-explanatory. This is why it helps to get a very deep picture frame, so you can fit handles to make it look like a tray.

And that’s it! Done! That’s #8 in the “12 DAYS, 12 DIYS” series.

Now can you believe, sometimes my sister has a life-size silver glitter skeleton in her craft room? I thought a photo of the skeleton holding the tray would look really cool. But for now the skeleton has been put to bed in a box in their garage. Maybe in a future post we’ll see it …


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Bohemian Patterned Paper Trees

This is going to be happening over the holidays:

Boho Paper Fringe Trees via Holiday with Matthew Mead

They’re from Holiday with Matthew Mead. Let’s be honest though – there’s a lot of fringy paper trees out there. What’s better about these? Well:

  • They have a whole bunch of patterns not just 1, 2 or 3
  • Thoughtful placement of patterns, like the pattern with French words at the bottom, and the highlighting of “1898”
  • Fringe with scalloped edges, rounded edges
  • Mixing materials – Beads! Rhinestone! Ribbon! Bejeweled toppers!
  • Shiny candlestick bases

As the maybe-I-shouldn’t-be-proud-of-this owner of a foot-tall (maybe taller) stack of scrapbook papers, a girl’s gotta do what she can do to use up all that paper!

I think this is a perfect idea … some of us like to be driven crazy cutting paper up in tiny little pieces, scalloping the edges of tiny paper, sticking tiny beads with little pins … let’s say it’s like a marathon of exercise for eye-hand coordination? I’m not doing this alone. I’m going to make my mom and sister do some trees too. We could build a whole forest of crazy boho paper trees …

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DIY Antique Mirror Tray with Picture Frame & Krylon Looking Glass Paint

Wow, this “12 DAYS 12 DIYS” thing is a commitment. Here’s DIY #5! This cool DIY antique mirror tray is made with a picture frame, Krylon Looking Glass Paint and scrapbook paper. It’s a fun way to make a quick, affordable gift. You can easily personalize it with the colors of paper you choose.

I chose a green damask scrapbook paper for this project, because my mom’s craft room is called “the green room.” Here’s what I did with the paper:

How to Make a Tray with an Antiqued Mirror

Only a bit of the green damask pattern shows, because it’s peeking from behind an “antiqued” mirror made with Krylon Looking Glass Mirror spray paint.

Here’s how you can make this tray …


  • 2″ deep picture frame found at Michaels 2-for-1 sale. (yes I got 2 and another DIY with the second one is coming)
  • 12″ x 12″ square scrapbook paper
  • Krylon Looking Glass Mirror spray paint (if you can’t find it locally you can order it online from plus they often run 30-50% off coupons)
  • Tray feet from Tim Holtz (in the scrapbook supplies aisle, or here they are at and
  • E6000 glue

Supplies to Make Tray from Picture Frame

This project is really easy …

First, remove the matt and glass from the picture frame.

With the matt, use it as a guide to cut the scrapbook paper to fit in the frame. After this, we won’t be using the matt in this frame anymore.

With the glass, spray a few layers of Krylon Looking Glass spray paint on it. You can spray this paint lightly for a transparent effect, or you can spray it heavily for an opaque mirror. I think a lightly-sprayed, transparent look would be good if you are using solid color scrapbook paper. But my paper has small detailed patterns, and spraying the paint lightly looks messy with this paper:

Lightly Sprayed Krylong Looking Glass Paint

So I sprayed the paint more heavily to make an opaque mirror. See here, the scrapbook paper is behind the glass but you can barely see it:

Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint Antiqued Mirror Look

This also shows you how you can get a reflective mirror. It’s even reflecting the red bell and wreath that are hanging about 3 feet above this counter. I had also spritzed water on the glass before spraying the Looking Glass paint so my paint is mottled. For a more even mirror, you can spray only the paint and no water.

Then I wiped some paint away so parts of the scrapbook paper could peek through. But ugh, this doesn’t look very good:

Rubbed Off Too Much Looking Glass Paint

It’s like Goldilocks – too little, too much. We’re still trying to get to “just right.” So what I did was spray a light layer of Looking Glass paint to soften up those harsh edges where I rubbed the paint away. Now the paper is peeking through just a bit:

Scrapbook Paper and Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Paint

Once you are happy with how your Looking Glass paint looks, and it is dry, put the glass back in the frame.

Then put the scrapbook paper in the frame.

Put the backing back on the frame and secure it.

Finally, this is optional, but I glued metal feet on the tray with E6000 glue. I think this step makes this  look more like an actual tray, than just paper put into a picture frame. The deep frame also gives it more of a tray look.

Where to find it?!?

If you want to use Krylon Looking Glass paint, sometimes it can be hard to find. I was able to find it locally only at Hobby Lobby a few years ago, but now I’ve found it at Walmart and some ACE Hardware stores.

If you want to order it online, you can order it from and they often have 30-50% coupons. You can also buy it direct from Krylon through Amazon and they have bulk discounts.

Metal Feet for a Tray

How to Make a Mirrored Tray from a Picture Frame

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