EmersonMade India Inspiration

I never would have dared do this. I have a ton of blazers, jackets, whatever you wanna call ’em … things from Talbots for work … I never would have thought of layering them with the prints, colors and shapes of India clothing. But here with EmersonMade’s vision, as shown in their photos, it works …

Silly me, thinking these two clothing personalities in my closet couldn’t be happily merged together, despite them reflecting the various sides and lives of the person who owns them.

But I do sense that these looks are better on, say, Kate Middleton body types than Kim Kardashian body types … play in front of the mirror first!

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Linen & Silk

So much work by nature and man goes into making things we can easily take for granted, like textiles.

A beautiful short film showing how linen textiles are made, beginning with flax in Normandy:

A short movie showing how silk can be made while allowing the silkworms to live:

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Beetle Wing Embroidery

This image was initially saved in a “peacock” inspiration folder, to be shared later in a long post about peacock colors:

Then I read the description about this Southern Indian antique embroidery from around 1880. I discovered something mind-blowing! What do you think those peacock-colored iridescent specks are?

They are beetle wings. Yes!

Very skilled hands at the  Hobart School for Mussulman Girls in Madras used zardozi and the wings of Jewel Beetles to create this piece which was then shipped to England in 1882. Read more about it. Here’s close up detail:

Astounding! Some things shouldn’t be buried in a long post among other photos — they’re worthy of their own spotlight. Just like this proud guy:

Peacock displaying his feathers at the Milwauk...
Image via Wikipedia

Here’s the Jewel Beetle:

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The Shawl Gave Her Away

I attended a workshop recently with an activity where everyone had to tell two truths and a lie about themselves. Then we guessed which was the lie. One woman said among her three things that she had been to India. I knew from the shawl hanging over the back of her chair that this was a truth.

Detail of border of 19th century shawl from Kashmir:

After the workshop, I told her about my observation, and we had a lovely chat about her India travels. Of all the places to visit in India, we have both been to most of the same places! Delhi, Agra, Cochin, Bangalore and Chennai. Although she has been to Jaipur and I have been to Darjeeling and Sikkim. She has been to quite a few places in and around Chennai so I left our conversation with a list of recommended things to do on our next trip.

I have to tell you, while many people I know vacation in Mexico and the Caribbean, and they report nice things, I don’t hear the passionate rhapsody while recalling a trip that I hear when listening to people talk about their travels to India. There’s something about India …

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