Yikes! Comments Not Working – Giveaway Suspended

Wow what a Big Fat Blog FAIL! A really nice gift certificate giveaway is posted here, and … proverbial crickets. Silent treatment! I felt so bad. I was ready to go get off the “internets”! There are other things to do in life, offline, and surely I’d adjust. Eventually. Sniff.

Turns out, the comments weren’t working! I don’t know why. Maybe it’s related to the recent move to a new blog name and URL. I didn’t get email notice of comments, and they didn’t show in the dashboard either. Tests showed you could submit a comment, and it didn’t go anywhere.

So the giveaway is suspended until this is fixed.*

I’m sorry if you spent time reading the contest entry and commenting. You’ll see the giveaway relaunched soon and I hope you try again then.

I really loathe posting pics of myself here so to make up for this, here’s a selfie of my very best “oh shit” sheepish look!


So yeah … first and hopefully only selfie.

If you’d like to visit something of substance here instead, over my shoulder are the results of a few cool DIYs:

*Okay … we’ve upgraded to Comment Luv here and it’s working! I’ll re-run the contest soon …

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And the Giveaway Winner Is …

I so much enjoyed reading all the comment entries in the India painting giveaway contest! I love getting comments to hear how you’re inspired, and stories of your travels and keeping your memories alive through remembrances like the little India paintings. Please please keep leaving your thoughts and ideas here even on non-giveaway posts — it’s fun to read them and makes sharing things with you here more rewarding!

I really wish I had brought many more paintings home so everyone could have one! But a winner must be chosen, so I asked Random Generator for impartial help. I admit feeling a little nervous pressing the “generate” button, like I’m waiting to see who the winner is, as much as you may be waiting to see if you’re the winner:

And the winner is …

Salma Hall

Congratulations!! Also check out her website of India-inspired products — beautiful! Salma said in her comment she liked the dark elephant:

Salma, please email me at india.pied.a.terre (at) gmail.com with your address, and I will mail the painting to you. Thank you to everyone who participated. This is much more fun than keeping things for myself! So I plan to definitely do more giveaways in the future. I blog our inspiration for the India apartment and our Chicago home here publicly because I like to share and inspire other people. I’m certain on my next trip to India, I’ll be looking for giveaways for others, as much as personal souvenirs!

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