Don’t Go Through Life Without Labels in the Linen Closet

I discovered that we’re the proud owners of five shower curtain liners. They’re not even curtains … the liners.

We have only one shower that uses a curtain liner! The other shower is glass. How did this happen?!? Do you do things like this too? I can tell you how it happened to us. Before last weekend, we didn’t have this:

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Barn Door Hardware for Closets

Do you get along with your closet? You know, you want to spend time around it. It’s working for you. My closet and I have never gotten along well. I’ve tried to fix the relationship. I installed an Elfa system from The Container Store. But our relationship is in troubled waters again. I rarely visit the closet any more. My clothes and I are spending much more time with a freestanding hanging rack, the ironing board, a chair …

How did it get to this?

The sliding doors are the problem!

It’s a reach-in closet, about 10 feet long, with four sliding doors. You can see only a small slice of the closet at any time. Outfits I want to put together are often behind different doors. I can’t see everything all at once. Agh! Do you have the same frustration with sliding closet doors?

What about barn door hardware?

And with fabric attached to vertical wood strips? So the “doors” are collapsible? They’ll fold to nothing and I’ll see the entire closet at once.

If you like this idea too, here’s some styles of barn door hardware, and where you can get it at an affordable price …

Affordable Barn Door Hardware

This really cool horseshoe shaped hardware is available at Amazon for about $75 the last time I checked. If you have Amazon Prime you can even get free shipping. And it got really good reviews:

Affordable Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware

If you need double sliding barn doors, here’s hardware for two doors for under $145 and free shipping, from Amazon:

Affordable Double Door Barn Door Hardware

Maybe you don’t want dark hardware and you’d prefer stainless steel? The stainless steel look would be good for kitchen pantry closets where you have stainless steel appliances. Here’s some industrial style hardware from Amazon for about $112 with nearly 5-star reviews. Reviewers do say they were skeptical of the price but they report hardware as solid:

Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware

This barn door hardware is from The Home Depot, and at only $169.00 it’s a bargain price!

Barn Door Hardware at Home Depot

If you plan to purchase barn door hardware, be sure to check the weight limit of the hardware first. How heavy a door can it support? Be sure the hardware can support your door.

Barn Door Design Ideas

The product rooms above look computer-generated to me. Let’s look at pictures of doors and real rooms.

Many of these examples are found at Rustica Hardware:

Barn Door Hardware Wood and Metal Barn Door Hardware

Found at re-nest:

A DIY project by House*Tweaking:

Shown at Birch + Bird:

Here’s someone else using barn door hardware for closet doors, shown at re-nest:

From Architectural Digest, barn door hardware holding unique doors in Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s home:



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