A Swinging Chair for Chennai

It was in a store window somewhere along the streets of T Nagar last year. It could hang from the ceiling hook in the corner of the master bedroom. By the window, so you could curl up with a book next to good light. And, swing while you read …

Since seeing that swinging chair, I’ve collected some on Pinterest. I’m not sure of original source of this one, but it’s perfect in this room and safe with strong wood beams for suspension:

Via Living etc:

Via Spirit of Christmas Fair, so cozy:

They’re sort of like half-cocoons, aren’t they? They would cradle you. Or, maybe these are more like nests? Yeah, nests. For people.

This one, uploaded by user onto Pinterest:

Via Anthropologie:

Here’s a more colorful version from Anthropologie:

Swinging chairs like these are perfect for a second home, a vacation home, the place where you go to escape your everyday life for a bit. Don’t you think so?

Pier I has a swinging chair too:

Tuck some John Robshaw mirrored pillows into it for comfort:

This is an idea for only one corner of one room for the Chennai apartment (but an idea that surely may happen for real). To see more inspiration for decorating our second home apartment in India, visit a Pinterest Board full of gorgeous photos.

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Good Finds at Good Earth in Chennai, India

I need to get my mind out of the gutter that is our Chicago basement lately, and find a happier place, like the original purpose of this blog:  decorating the India apartment!

We visited Good Earth while in Chennai last year. Good Earth had the merchandise mix we love:  comfy upholstered furniture, old Chinese cabinets and tables, plus a dash of India. This is pretty much the style in our Chicago home.

Things we saw at Good Earth …

I like this interpretation of columns, fashioned of wood and painted silver:

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There’s That Chair Again

I’m talkin’ a certain chair.

Notice how the chair lies low. It lets the table be the center of attention. You’re not looking at chair backs sticking up all around. Which is fine, if that’s what you want. For our Chennai apartment, low-backed chairs and less visual noise is part of what I seek to create a cool, calm environment. I want focus to be on the walls and art by India artists I plan to collect in the future. Not so much focus on the furniture. The furniture can recede in the background.

The chair pops up on Pinterest occasionally, here in this image via Remodelista:

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Vintage Sari Fabric, Recycled

In honor of Earth Day, how about the many ways you can recycle sari textiles! Here are a few ideas saved at my Pinterest Board Vintage Sari Fabric, Recycled

Chair reupholstered with sari fabric, via Eclectic Gipsyland on Flickr:

One-of-a-kind ottoman covered with sari fabric, which was sold at West Elm:

West Elm Kantha Ottoman

A chair via Ruby Star Traders:

Sari Covered Chair via Ruby Star Traders

Kantha quilted sari pillows at West Elm:

West Elm Pillows with Kantha Cloth

Sari quilt ottomans by HAY:

I love the little patched areas you see on some of them, like this:

Here, red and lime green wool fibers are fused with a vintage silk sari to create a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art. By The Red Sari:

Sari Scarf via The Red Sari

This is a silk sari rugs from Elte. The silk from saris is unraveled and then hand-knotted into rugs:

Silk Sari Rug by Elte

Chinoiserie Chic shares stools that were once available on Etsy, that are covered with antique sari fabric:

Dining Stools Covered with Sari Fabric

A bed in John Derian’s home in Provincetown, Massachusetts is dressed with a vintage sari bedspread, shown in Vogue Living:

Vintage Sari Fabric on John Derian Bed

Some of these are so rich and colorful — you can bring the same into your home. Check out Pinterest Board Vintage Sari Fabric, Recycled for many more ideas!

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