Chandeliers for Your Home

Let’s see if there’s a commonality among chandeliers I’ve admired. (The post about mirrors, where I gathered images all in one place, helped me clearly see what I will look for in a bathroom mirror.) During these holiday months, we more often gather with many people at the dining table. And what better way to bring beautiful light to us, our families and guests than from the jewels 0f a chandelier. I’ve admired these:

The Gypsy Chandelier in the Sundance catalog. Just look at these details!

Definitely liking BIG drippy things which this chandelier also has, at Home Portfolio:

Lest this starts looking like an homage to one of my favorite shows, True Blood on HBO, let’s move on to another look. I like some strength in the shape. Like this Femme Fatale Chandelier at Horchow:

Damasco Chandelier at Home Portfolio, in a set of staggered threes:

Expanding on this shape, clearly there’s a preference for tiered styles like this M0ura Starr design featured at Home Portfolio. It has options for 50 colors!

And this one, but I’d like more Mughal than Abbey shapes. This one shown at Home Portfolio too, makes me think of pipe organs in church. I’d rather think of anything else but that in my home. But still, I like the shape.

At over US$11,000 this one will remain a fantasy. But couldn’t you replicate this look with fabrics?

Check out this pierced metal chandelier at Horchow:

It seems to carry several personalities:

What a view from below:

Different shape, but I also like this metal chandelier at Horchow:

I also like strong glass globes. But at over US$16,000 this featured at Home Portfolio will not be hanging over my dining table. Nice to look though:

Similarly, this Minaret Pendant at Home Portfolio:

Generally I avoid leggy eight-arm chandeliers. I lived in a condo once that had a big shiny brass one in the foyer and it made me nervous. It gave the feeling like an enormous octopus or spider was looming over us. I don’t like feeling like prey. Who does?! What a welcome to the home! It was immediately taken down and replaced. Things in threes are far more friendly …

Blown glass chandelier at Home Porfolio:

And another one, colorful:

What’s my favorite? Although I could live with all of these, it’s none of these! Will share that in the next post because it deserves to be highlighted all on its own.

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Celadon with Dinner

Last night we had a holiday celebratory Indian dinner with a friend. We rarely cook such a big dinner so it was a real treat for everyone. Here are photos of our tabletop, done up quickly because due to impending snow we decided to start the meal earlier than originally intended. And these are awful iPhone pictures so I’m honestly making an attempt to obscure that with Photoshop effects!

Atmosphere was provided with simple votives, candlesticks from Target, and the gong is from much further away from home than our nearest Target, from Siem Reap, Cambodia:

Most of our dinnerware is celadon from Baan Celadon in Chiang Mai, Thailand. True to our style, we mix things from everywhere — a Buon Appetito trivet was a gift from a birthday party which had an Italy/Tuscany theme:

The garland in the middle is from Joann’s holiday decorations, picked up last week at half off. The placemats were purchased years ago at Crate & Barrel. They are red silk duppioni with gold embroidery. I like the contrast of layering the dressy red silk and the rustic brown round placemats here. Because the garland has twigs, pinecones and bird nests as well as shiny red berries. So everything follows dressy red + rustic brown. Plus celadon, which makes most foods we eat look good.

I love these banana leaf celadon pieces we found at Baan Celadon in Thailand. Perfect for chutney.

And mango lassi!

I love papadums. We often cook way too many because they’re so fun to fry. We wind up frying way more than we can eat. Thankfully today we had a friend to help us eat them all. Papadums pre-dinner:

Papadums after all the frying fun:

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Mirror Mirror on the Bathroom Wall

Bathrooms need mirrors. People need mirrors. I’ve collected images of mirrors that caught my attention for awhile. Today I gather mirrored inspiration here in one place. I suspect this collection will show a pattern in what attracted me …

The following mirrors can be purchased at Anthropologie’s website:

All these mirrors are completely unlike anything anywhere in my Chicago home. No scrolly pieces. Things are tailored here. Straight lines. Here is a shot of mirrors in one of our bathrooms:

And the fact that we can do something completely different in the Chennai apartment is one of the appeals of the mirrors above that have been catching my eye. Clearly I’m liking ornamentation and light antique metal or weathered woods. Even the mirrors with color or darker wood, I see them reworked with antique pewter paint.

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Relics On Stilts

My husband brought a piece of carved wood to Chicago from the Chennai store where he found our apartment’s front door. It’s carved with a lotus shape and has faint traces of deep pink paint on it. I plan to add a black stand to it, like the pieces below. There’s something about this that emphasizes a piece, gives it extra posture. It’s like adding jewelry to an outfit. Or, great shoes … Here’s inspiration from various websites:

18th century wood horse on stand at

Wood horse on stand at Gump’s.

But wood horse heads aren’t the only things to put on stands, oh no, not by a long shot. You can do this with many things:

I really don’t want to say what these are because they’re part of a real animal. But they’re antique so the animal is long gone. I wish they were clay sculptures instead. Shown at Andrianna Shamaris website.

An ox cart wheel on a stand at

A more rustic wheel on a stand from Urban Home.

Temple sculpture at Gump’s

Stone carving from John Robshaw

Toraja panels at Andrianna Shamaris

Tribal necklaces at Andrianna Shamaris (I am really liking the style at that site)

Appears to be carved wood element, from

Natural root sculpture, from

Teak sphere on stand from

Butter churner from

Notice the commonalities across all: natural materials, natural colors, organic shapes.

We have some decorative elements on stands around our home, but someone stole our camera and iPhone pics don’t do justice. We’ll likely get a new camera during holiday sales next weekend and I’ll post our pieces here later.

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