A Nomad’s Jewelry

If you travel and you’re female, you may pick up some jewels along the roads you travel. Maybe they’re talismans and amulets with purposes to protect. Maybe they’re pendants made from colorful semi-precious stones with meanings, like turquoise and carnelian. Maybe they’re one-of-a-kind pieces made by artists for the sheer pleasure of creating, no purpose  beyond that needed. Whatever you pick up, nomads tend to collect many different things. I’d imagine the jewelry of a nomad might look like these …

Can you believe this charm bracelet was owned by Jackie O? It’s true! I’ll share more about this bracelet in a future post.

Jackie O Charm Bracelet

This next one is like a shield of charms. From Silk Road Jewelry on etsy, this is a “vintage travel memories” necklace that’s been sold, but you can find similar pieces at that etsy shop:

Travel Memory Necklace from Silk Road Jewelry Etsy Shop

Here’s another one from Silk Road Jewelry made with African and Nepalese treasures. I like the choice to play up a single color in these pieces:

From Silk Road Jewelry Shop on Etsy

I posted this years ago and it fits in this post theme again – a collection of Indian amulet necklaces:

Indian Amulet Necklace

I personally lean toward SE Asian, Indian and African pendants and charms, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This eclectic combination was shared by Earth Angels Studios in a post about an art event in Sanford, FL:

Eclectic Charms via Earth Angels Studio Blog

This necklace was made with decadent textiles and silk. Yum! It was sold by the quisnam shop on etsy, where you can find similar textile-and-charm jewelry:

Textile Silk and Charm Necklace from quisnam shop on etsy

Here’s a cascade of healing amulets in a more natural palette, from Etsy shop maggiezees. This exact one has been sold but this shop has many very similar pieces:

Amulet Necklace from Etsy Shop maggiezees

Here’s a charm bracelet also from maggiezees on Etsy:

Charm Bracelet from maggiezees shop on etsy

And another from Maggie Zee flickr, shaman amulet bracelet. I’m loving the natural colors with mixed metals:

Shaman Bracelet by Maggie Zee

From Dorje Designs, this is a masterful blend of pieces from around the world – she calls her work transglobal jewelry. Befitting for a nomad:

Talisman Necklace from Dorje Designs

This wake up call is from Jane Dean shop on deviantart:

Charm Bracelet via Jane Dean Deviantart Shop

This next one is not for sale. It’s in the Met’s collection. It’s from Japan, 20th century. Even though it’s very under-stated compared to examples above, it still feels nomadic.

Japanese 20th Century Necklace in The Met's Collection

I like the blend of cultures in these pieces of jewelry, and their big personalities.


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A Touch of Boho Chic: Tassel Necklaces

At first they were just a trickle, occasionally swishing across my Pinterest feed. Then they sashayed into email, in catalogs, in Twitter, in stores, around the necks of colleagues at work. It seems like everyone wants a bit of the boho look in tassel necklaces.

This tassel necklace was spotted in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue during Fall 2013 fashion week:

Tassel Necklace in Harpers Bazaar and Vogue Fall 2013 Fashion Week

A soft Indian silk tassel has been given some tough “tooth” with a mother of pearl pendant, at Etsy shop Fête Accessories Jewelry & Vintage:

Silk Tassel and Mother of Pearl Necklace at Etsy Shop fetewonderful

I love the colors in this “Wanderlust” tassel necklace from Etsy shop Ayofemi Jewelry:

Tassel Necklace at Etsy Shop ayofemijewelry

How about a twist – the tassel in the back! From Brighthouse Baubles:

Tassel Necklace from Brighthouse Baubles

It kind of feels like “boho Tiffany’s” with the blue seed beads and luxurious gold tassel, yes?

This explosion of tassels is crazy cool, from Mimoza:

Tassel Necklace Colors via Mimoza Etsy Shop

You can make this next one! Justina Blakeney designed this DIY tassel necklace. You can get the kit with all the supplies to make one for yourself too, here:

DIY Boho Tassel Necklace Kit by Justina Blakeney

Tassel necklace from Table Tonic in Australia:

Table Tonic Tassel Necklace

Finally, some vintage and new tassel necklaces at House of Lavande:

Tassel Necklaces at House of Lavande

So what is your favorite? A little tassel or a lot? I was so inspired by these tassels, I made an entire garland of tassels – see the how-to DIY post!

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DIY: India Goddess Amulet Necklace

eBay alerts me when the Indian Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, is for sale. Hmmm, something about buying a Goddess of Wealth doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Well, sometimes I do buy Lakshmi because she is my favorite India goddess. Recently a large antiqued and patina’d gold goddess amulet arrived on my doorstep from eBay. She was described as Lakshmi but I don’t think she is? It doesn’t matter. Lately I am into amulets as necklace pendants.

First I attached her to an antiqued gold rectangular bezel “frame” by filling the frame with E6000 glue (or, goo!) and setting the backing of the goddess amulet into the glue.

India Goddess Amulet on Bezel Frame

While the glue started to dry, I considered different beads for the necklace.

Choosing Beads

I chose the ivory color beads, and also picked some textured beads from my supply. I strung the beads and kept it simple – just added some touches of the textured beads here ‘n there.

Bead Layout for Necklace

The textured beads were silver and dark copper. They could have been left that way but I turned them into antique gold with some Rub ‘n Buff. And here’s hopin’ that stuff doesn’t buff off onto my clothes.

The beads were strung with waxed linen. I really struggle with making secure knots with nylon beading strings without it breaking or slipping, so this was my first time trying the waxed linen. The waxed linen makes the beads drape and hang very nicely.

Here’s the final result – I had all supplies for this, just the India goddess amulet was new:

India Goddess Amulet Necklace

And of course, the crafty cat supervisor was never far away (isn’t he the cutest boy, leaning on his hot rod race car – he loves it):

Crafty Cat Supervises Again

Do you think he knows much about making necklaces though?

If you are attending the Haven blogging conference, you can see this necklace in real life! I am wearing it with another strand of old ivory color beads, from Africa, found at Chicago’s Randolph Street Market.

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A Globetrotting Pendant

We found it in Santa Fe.


But before that, the raw stone was mined in Russia. Then it traveled to Mexico where it was carved into a pendant. We were told by the Santa Fe seller that silver mined in Mexico was cast into an elaborate cabochon holder for it.


What secrets did he overhear?


He spent a short while with us in Chicago and now he’s on his way to South India. He may even be landing in Abu Dhabi right now for a layover before going on to Chennai. There he will be given to our niece who is beginning her career as a dentist. And who knows where she will go?


If you like something like this, Novica has a similar one with moonstone and garnet:


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