Jayson Home & Garden: Big Sale

Jayson Home is having a serious sale this weekend, although other things call me in to the city of Chicago this weekend. But if I were to go to the sale, these are the things that would be in big-time danger of going home with me:


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Randolph Street Market and Its Hands and Legs and Rust and a Ram

We found cool things at Chicago’s July Randolph Street Market that you don’t find in our suburban neighborhood. Like these glove mold hands all on deck:

Glove Mold Hands at Randolph Street Market

Even my hands got in the act, there taking the photo. I’m not sure how that happened. Must have been a mirror there. I’d love to buy a whole slew of these, and set them up just as they are, in front of a mirror on a console table. Like in the dining room. It’s like they’re doing The Wave, right there in your house. Maybe set them on something that looks like bleachers. Why take ourselves so seriously in our homes!?

These letters made me want to talk to them:

R U FINE at the Randolph Street Market?


Could you imagine these letters in an entryway, saying HOW R U? With the hands above, wavin’ atcha! What a FUN house to visit. Wish I had the guts to do stuff like that. Why not!

See the cool colors on this collection of spools:

Colorful Spools at Randolph Street Market

I could see these all strung together in a perfect row as an installation on a wall.

I noticed a trend in my photos at the market that day:

What was the problem?!? Havin’ too much fun with the phone. It did not involve any fermented beverage, I can say that. Nothing like a trigger-happy iPhone, shooting people in the legs.

I get strangely excited about simple things. Like rust texture on an enormous hoop-de-loop:

Rust Texture on Hoop at Randolph Street Market

When we moved into our house, something like this was left behind, and I put it at the curb with the garbage. Here at Randolph Street Market, it is mounted and sold. Is it vision or junk or both?

Rust Texture at Randolph Street Market

I liked these gothic frames made from large tin ceiling tiles:

They even have guitars:

Ceiling Tile Guitars at Randolph Street Market

Look closely, the “strings” are made of barbed wire. Get your tetanus shot before you play these guitars!

Check out this funky rusted chicken-thing, so cute:

This missile-thing has both the shabby and industrial trends goin’ on:

Shabby Industrial Missile Thing at Randolph Street Market

Yeah, I was far more interested in this thing than that Eames chair behind it. C’mon, we’ve all seen those Eames recliners. How many of you have a missile in your house?

Finally, I so wanted this ram as I’m an Aries. I’ve been stalking this ram on eBay forever! Although it’s collectible, it’s not exactly pretty, so my husband didn’t get why I would need such a thing so bad:

Ram Pendant at Randolph Street Market

Next post, I’ll share the India inspiration I found at Randolph Street Market, which is making me think about plans again for the bathrooms in our apartment in Chennai, India …

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