Great India Goods on Etsy

Etsy is a great place to find India design, textiles and home decor. My most recent favorite find on Etsy was an old painted carved wood piece from India. It will be going back to India to become part the India pied-à-terre’s master bathroom vanity:


While surfing Etsy recently for India inspiration, here’s what caught my eye to share with you …

If you want furniture with a touch of rustic India style, something like this TV stand and media cabinet from Hammer & Hand’s Etsy shop is a smart blend of Indian antique and Western design:

India Style TV Cabinet with Blue Jodhpur Doors from Hammer and Hand

The doors are from Jodhpur, the “Blue City.” Yes buildings there are blue! Check out the patina on these doors:

India TV Cabinet with Blue Jodhpur Door from Hammer and Hand

This cabinet could look great in country décor, western/southwestern décor or even Spanish architectural style homes.

Here’s a more subdued color kantha quilt than we usually see in these quilts. I like its calm block printed colors. It’s from Indian Home Textile shop on Etsy:

Natural Color Kantha Quilt from Indian Home Textile shop on Etsy

This is the coolest camel! Nothing else needs to be said. Just look at it, all proud and colorful. From DAsquare Etsy shop:

Royal Indian Camel from DAsquare Etsy Shop

I almost didn’t post these, because they’re actually from China. But I love them! These shoes are great for photo shoot props. Whenever I see them as a catalog prop, I want the shoes not the catalog product! They’re from Phoenix in Fire Etsy shop:

Indian Shoes from Phoenix in Fire Etsy Shop

Quality, intricate wood printing blocks like this are pricey but so beautiful. You don’t need to get them only for printing, you can display them on a wall or shelf and enjoy them every day. This one is from Heritage Collectible Etsy shop. I’ve ordered wood block prints from their eBay shop.

Wood Indian Printing Block from Heritage Collectible

The Foot Soles Etsy shop has a lot of colors and styles of these Indian Maharaja style shoes. So cute, you can wear them with jeans, yoga pants, many things:

Foot Soles Etsy Shop Maharaja Style Indian Shoes

Here’s a link to current shoes available at Foot Soles, and a few more photos to entice you to visit them:

India Style Bohemian Shoes from Foot Soles Etsy Shop

From Indian Mall Etsy shop, here’s an ikat kantha quilt in another natural color:

Ikat Kantha Quilt from Indian Mall Shop on Etsy

Here’s a fun ikat kantha quilt in pink from Indian Mall Etsy shop:

Ikat Indian Kantha Quilt from Indian Mall Etsy Shop

The colors in this cotton fabric from India are so fun! From The Delhi Store on Etsy:

Colorful Cotton Fabric from The Delhi Store on Etsy

Ikat is so popular right now, I have one more for you. This ikat cotton fabric from Desi Fabrics could be used to make your own ikat pillows:

Ikat Cotton Fabric from Desi Fabrics Etsy Shop

I really like this elephant print by Nicole Kristiana on Etsy:

Elephant Print by Nicole Kristiana on Etsy

From Marigold Textiles, this is a fun bold print on a kantha quilt made from vintage saris:

Kantha Quilt from Marigold Textiles on Etsy

Now this is a silk and cotton vintage 1970s dress and I don’t know if it’s really  from India. But I’d take it to India and wear it to a good restaurant, maybe in the Taj Coromandel or the ITC Grand Chola in Chennai, when I have a taste for cheese and wine. It is a stunning upscale boho look. The shoes shown are perfect for it. From Thrifted and Modern’s Etsy shop:

Boho 1970s Vintage Dress from Thrifted and Modern

And of course there’s vintage Indian silver jewelry on Etsy. I like this bracelet from Paris Roma NY Flea:

Vintage Indian Bracelet via Paris Roma NY Flea Etsy Shop

This linen pillow from Martha and Ash was hand-printed in India. I love its simple style:

Linen Pillow Hand Printed in India from Martha and Ash

This was so much fun – and there are so many more great finds to share with you – I may need to make this a regular feature!

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I Want to Live in Toast

Uh-huh. Odd, I know. Until you know that I’m talking about the UK catalog, Toast. Then you may want to live in Toast too.


This is just a glimpse. There’s so much more cool stuff at Toast. Not dry and boring at all (I’ll never forget the “toast” line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding). In fact, it’s all very lively. Check it out.

Shown from Toast:

Orissa Kantha Cushion Cover | Village Life Kantha Cushion | Orissa Pillowcase | Chirali Bedspread | Kiku Gown | Organic Cotton Jersey Slip | Salt Water Sandal

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Horchow Happiness

Honestly, usually I’m a bit annoyed as a blog reader that header advertising pushes blog content down, making me go through all the effort to scroll down with a finger. Ugh, so hard, right? However if there’s any doubt these ads can sometimes be useful to readers, today I can offer some evidence.

Recently a Horchow ad on a blog proudly trumpeted “Friends and Family Event 30% Off Our Entire Site.” Wait, whaaa? I love Horchow. One of my all-time favorite chandeliers for the India apartment, posted about previously, is this one from Horchow:



So I clicked the ad, which resulted in this lust list for the India apartment …

A console to go under the living room TV:

Horchow Cynthia Console

This “Fruitata” (great name) chair would be perfect in the guest room which will be generous with the orange and pink:

Horchow Fruitata Chair

All the patterns in different materials: metal, wood, textiles.

Continue reading “Horchow Happiness”

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Where to Get the Look: A Little Bit of India

If you’ve liked the inspiration I’ve shared here and you want to spice up your place, you needn’t travel all the way to India (although I’d highly recommend a visit) and you don’t have to invest in antiques to get an “old India” look. From the convenience of your computer, or by visiting stores common in U.S. urban/suburban areas, you can get the look.

Bring jali into your home with this floor screen from Pier 1:

Set a light behind the screen to create a scattering of shadow shapes.

Bring the gold bling and beading of saris to your table settings with Pier 1’s sari table runner:

Iridescent green and blue, the colors of India’s national bird, will always freshen up a room. This peacock tray from Pier 1 is a beautiful way to bring in some color:

This tray is too pretty to bring out only for entertaining — instead hang it on a wall to see all the time. Visit a previous post about peacock colors for more decorating ideas.

The colors of an Indian zardozi textile can be found in a mirror from Kirkland’s:

Similar to this block print design from Les Indiennes, a designer & producer of gorgeously simple Indian block print textiles, is a wooden “painted window” mirror from Arhaus:

The kolam designs I saw during an evening walk in Chennai, India can be found in rangoli coasters at Harabu House:

We saw many colorful things during a shopping trip to Crafters in Cochin, and you can get similar colors in furniture at World Market like this Elephant Table:

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