Where to Buy Scrapbook Paper

I share a lot of DIY projects with scrapbook paper, and the #1 question I get is:

Where do you BUY THIS scrapbook paper?!

K and Company Scrapbook Paper

Here I spill my secrets. They’re actually really easy to find!

First a caveat: many of my papers were bought 6-10 years ago. So papers you see in my DIY projects are likely not available now. But I can share the sources of favorite papers so you can buy similar ones. My style is all about patterns with global style, especially papers with an “olde world” look and layers of colors and patterns. If there’s script or world maps on the paper, I swoon! Do you notice the patterns behind the words Nomadic Decorator in the blog header above? Yep – that’s scrapbook paper!


There are two types of scrapbook papers:

  1. Printed scrapbook papers
  2. Digital papers you download as files, then you print the papers

The easiest way to find papers you like is to have some manufacturers you like. Similar to fashion designers, paper designers have a style. And just as fashion designers release new clothes for the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons, paper designers release new designs a few times a year. So the paper selection is always changing. My favorite scrapbook paper designers are:

I find scrapbook papers at:

  • Amazon — there are bargains on many papers + free Prime shipping
  • Joann — they run frequent half off sales, or use 40-50-60% off coupons that you can get in emails and online
  • Paper Source — all about scrapbook papers!
  • Blick Art Supplies — high quality harder-to-find papers + things like high quality archival glues and paints

Individual Pieces and Coordinated Paper Packs

You can buy papers as individual pieces. You are more likely to find individual pieces in bricks n’ mortar craft stores. Online, paper is often sold in packs of many coordinated papers, because it’s more economical to sell that way.

The pads of coordinated papers are a great value. They go on sale a lot, or you can use coupons for 30%, 40% and even 50% off. Some of these paper pads have a lot of papers, like 54 double-sided papers.

Scrapbook papers can make any project look professional so easily. They make projects look expensive, when you really spent only a few dollars on the papers.


In the next post in this series, I share where to find digital scrapbook paper online.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage of compensation at no cost to you if you purchase after clicking the link. I post affiliate links when I’ve purchased from the company myself or used the product myself, and can confidently share the company or product. This helps offset the cost of running this blog for you!


4 Replies to “Where to Buy Scrapbook Paper”

  1. In the Honeycomb ornament video you mention you use “text weight double sided paper” Having a heck of a time finding that….. any clues you could give would be appreciated! Thanks,

    1. Hi Marsi, I shared that project here but it is from Amazing Paper Grace. She gives more information here: http://www.amazingpapergrace.com/my-fav-ornament/
      I have not seen that term before. But I am guessing that she means a thinner scrapbook paper with patterns on both sides of the paper, so it’s double sided. I would think “text weight” means the weight of a regular piece of paper, like not a thick scrapbook paper. I hope this helps! Deb

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