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After many years of blogging, I finally added a House Tour here! The pages linked below show our home in the northwest Chicago suburbs. We’ve also been working on an apartment in India — the India pied-à-terre — and you can see progress there in the Construction and Decorating posts.

I’d say my style is “Natural Nomadic Luxe” with things from around the world and a little touch of luxury. Would you like an easy way to self-diagnose your style? I share how I did it in How to Find Your Style — no experts needed, you can do it!


For a tour of our living room and its global combo of things from around the world, visit the Living Room Tour.

Nomadic Decorator House Tour - Living Room

Nomadic Decorator House Tour - Living Room

Creative Studio

I did a makeover of this room for the Fall 2017 One Room Challenge, to turn our guest room into a space where I can paint and create DIYs. Check it out!

Daybed and Sari Ceiling Canopy

Moroccan Closet Nook







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  1. Hi I love your house decor ideas! I wanted your recommendations for antique wooden table for my living room and lamps. If you know where in India can I look for them,that will be a great help! Also any international websites where I can check them out and if they can ship them to the ones you found in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

    Also where can I get the stencil designs from in India?


    1. You can find an antique wooden table for my living room and lamps for Aartistik. It is the best online place to buy home decor items online.

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