DIYs with Scrapbook Paper

You can do so much more than make scrapbooks with these papers! The endless supply of colors and patterns are like a treasure trove for scrapbook paper DIY crafts. Here are projects I’ve made and shared the how-to’s here, so you can do them too.

Scrapbook Paper CollageDIY Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree OrnamentDIY Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree OrnamentHamsa Wall Art with Moroccan PatternsDIY Stenciled Wall Art with Scrapbook Paper DIY Scrapbook Paper Wall Art DIY Scrapbook Paper and Stencil Wall Art DIY Bangle Bar Jewelry Organizer DIY Tray Made with Picture Frame and Scrapbook PaperStenciled Valentine's Day CardsDIY Picture Frame Tray with Sequins and Scrapbook Paper DIY Mirrored Tray with Krylon Looking Glass PaintDIY Base for Buddha Head DIY Storage Box Covered with Scrapbook Paper DIY Travel Momento Shadowbox with Scrapbook Paper DIY Scrapbook Paper Picture Frame Matt

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  1. Fantabulous wall art!!! I shall try this myself in an afro centric type motif. Again, fantabulous Nomadic Decorator!!!, smile.

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