DIY Antique Mirror Tray with Picture Frame & Krylon Looking Glass Paint

Wow, this “12 DAYS 12 DIYS” thing is a commitment. Here’s DIY #5! This cool DIY antique mirror tray is made with a picture frame, Krylon Looking Glass Paint and scrapbook paper. It’s a fun way to make a quick, affordable gift. You can easily personalize it with the colors of paper you choose.

I chose a green damask scrapbook paper for this project, because my mom’s craft room is called “the green room.” Here’s what I did with the paper:

How to Make a Tray with an Antiqued Mirror

Only a bit of the green damask pattern shows, because it’s peeking from behind an “antiqued” mirror made with Krylon Looking Glass Mirror spray paint.

Here’s how you can make this tray …


  • 2″ deep picture frame found at Michaels 2-for-1 sale. (yes I got 2 and another DIY with the second one is coming)
  • 12″ x 12″ square scrapbook paper
  • Krylon Looking Glass Mirror spray paint (if you can’t find it locally you can order it online from plus they often run 30-50% off coupons)
  • Tray feet from Tim Holtz (in the scrapbook supplies aisle, or here they are at and
  • E6000 glue

Supplies to Make Tray from Picture Frame

This project is really easy …

First, remove the matt and glass from the picture frame.

With the matt, use it as a guide to cut the scrapbook paper to fit in the frame. After this, we won’t be using the matt in this frame anymore.

With the glass, spray a few layers of Krylon Looking Glass spray paint on it. You can spray this paint lightly for a transparent effect, or you can spray it heavily for an opaque mirror. I think a lightly-sprayed, transparent look would be good if you are using solid color scrapbook paper. But my paper has small detailed patterns, and spraying the paint lightly looks messy with this paper:

Lightly Sprayed Krylong Looking Glass Paint

So I sprayed the paint more heavily to make an opaque mirror. See here, the scrapbook paper is behind the glass but you can barely see it:

Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint Antiqued Mirror Look

This also shows you how you can get a reflective mirror. It’s even reflecting the red bell and wreath that are hanging about 3 feet above this counter. I had also spritzed water on the glass before spraying the Looking Glass paint so my paint is mottled. For a more even mirror, you can spray only the paint and no water.

Then I wiped some paint away so parts of the scrapbook paper could peek through. But ugh, this doesn’t look very good:

Rubbed Off Too Much Looking Glass Paint

It’s like Goldilocks – too little, too much. We’re still trying to get to “just right.” So what I did was spray a light layer of Looking Glass paint to soften up those harsh edges where I rubbed the paint away. Now the paper is peeking through just a bit:

Scrapbook Paper and Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Paint

Once you are happy with how your Looking Glass paint looks, and it is dry, put the glass back in the frame.

Then put the scrapbook paper in the frame.

Put the backing back on the frame and secure it.

Finally, this is optional, but I glued metal feet on the tray with E6000 glue. I think this step makes this  look more like an actual tray, than just paper put into a picture frame. The deep frame also gives it more of a tray look.

Where to find it?!?

If you want to use Krylon Looking Glass paint, sometimes it can be hard to find. I was able to find it locally only at Hobby Lobby a few years ago, but now I’ve found it at Walmart and some ACE Hardware stores.

If you want to order it online, you can order it from and they often have 30-50% coupons. You can also buy it direct from Krylon through Amazon and they have bulk discounts.

Metal Feet for a Tray

How to Make a Mirrored Tray from a Picture Frame

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