Our Dining Room is a Playground

I’ve been taking Justina Blakeney’s Table-Top Styling class on Skillshare* and playing with what I learned about creating beautiful tablescapes that not only look interesting, but also meet the needs of your dining event. So our dining room has been a laboratory, an artistic studio … a playground! It’s been fun. The class pushed me to try things I wouldn’t have otherwise, such as using a color story of orange + purple + green.

While playing with styling ideas, our table went through several phases of “too little” and then “too much” until getting to “just right.” Here’s the final result (Um, I think? For now?):

Obi Table Runner

The table runner is a purple silk Japanese obi covered with a little fan pattern. Plus celadon plates, centerpiece trays from Pier 1 and World Market, Suzani print napkins from Pier 1, a rustic carved wood bowl from Home Goods. Candlesticks collected over the years from many sources, some overseas and some near my backyard like Target. And Christmas tree ornaments fill the wood bowl and are scattered about. The botanicals are faux olive leaves with purple olives and purple-dyed eucalyptus.

Here’s a few more shots. First, my favorite, a close-up of patterns on the table:

Pattern Play on the Dining Table with Japanese Obi and Glass Tray

Christmas Table Setting

I like how these orange trays have a bolder contrast against the purple obi:

Purple Orange Green Color Story

These Suzani print napkins are at Pier 1 right now – they have purple, green and orange so they tied all the colors together. They’re a different choice for a holiday table setting, but I wanted a worldly look around the table, and the golds bring in the holiday glitz you expect.

* If you’re interested in taking a class on Skillshare, use this link and get $10 off!

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