DIY Picture Frame Tray with Sequins & Scrapbook Paper

When I spotted scrapbook paper with hot pink sequins all over it at Michaels, I thought of my sister. The only way it could have been more perfect is if it had fur on it too. That might be a bit much. But not for her!

I made a little tray out of a picture frame with the paper:

How to make a scrapbook paper tray with a picture frame

I also thought of my sister when I saw this on Pinterest:


That explains the hot pink sequins!

Here are supplies to make the tray …

  • 2″ deep picture frame found at Michaels at 2-for-1 sale. (I already posted another DIY tray tutorial with the other frame)
  • 12″ x 12″ square of scrapbook paper (I found this sequined paper at Michaels)
  • Stencil and paint
  • Two cabinet drawer handles

Supplies to make a tray from scrapbook paper and picture frame

This project is ridiculously easy. First, remove the matt from the picture frame. Leave the glass in place.

Cut the scrapbook paper to fit in the frame (you can use the matt as a guide). Put the scrapbook paper in the frame. Put the backing back on the frame and secure it.

Making a picture frame tray with sequined scrapbook paper

This is what you should have:

How to make a scrapbook paper picture frame tray

These steps are so super easy, but this tray doesn’t have to look easy. You can get crazy creative with various papers and patterns. You could piece together several papers under the glass. You could paint the frame. You could put personalized mementos under the glass along with the scrapbook paper (stamps? postcards? show or concert tickets?). My tray is small but you can get a large frame for a larger tray and that gives you more room for creativity.

Now, while putting the glass back in the frame, I pushed too hard and there was a small crack. So I filled it with wood filler:

Fixing a crack in a picture frame

Then repainted the frame black, and painted some tribal stencil pattern with silver paint on the sides. I thought the tribal pattern would be a cool contrast with the sequins. The stencil is from the new Raven+Lily line at Royal Design Studio:

Raven and Lily Tribal stencil painted on picture frame

As an optional step – but I think this helps it look more like a tray – you can attach  drawer handles to two sides of the picture frame. I unfortunately didn’t get a photo of this step but it’s self-explanatory. This is why it helps to get a very deep picture frame, so you can fit handles to make it look like a tray.

And that’s it! Done! That’s #8 in the “12 DAYS, 12 DIYS” series.

Now can you believe, sometimes my sister has a life-size silver glitter skeleton in her craft room? I thought a photo of the skeleton holding the tray would look really cool. But for now the skeleton has been put to bed in a box in their garage. Maybe in a future post we’ll see it …


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  1. I LOVE this!!!! What a great idea. I am always looking for a decent tray but they are always so expensive. Thanks so much for posting!!!

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