DIY: Bangle Bar and Necklace Bar Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry can get in a terrible tangle when piled in a typical jewelry box. But now, behold:


Rather than tangled, isn’t it better to have chains organized like this:


You can have this too. It’s very easy (and bonus, inexpensive) to do!

Supplies used:

  • Black velvet T-bars for jewelry display (I found these at Michael’s on sale over the holidays)
  • Rectangular tray big enough for base of T-bar
  • Small travertine tiles
  • Small ceramic dish
  • Four metal feet for decorative boxes
  • One piece of scrapbook paper
  • Repositional spray glue
  • Stencil
  • Stencil brush
  • Paint
  • E-6000 glue


The bangle T-bar was top-heavy and tipped easily when empty. So how often would it tip over when loaded with bracelets? You can easily fix this problem by attaching the T-bar to a wider base. I found a tray in the Michaels candle section, in a perfect size to hold the T-bar. But a black tray glued to a black T-bar is really boring (and apparently hard to focus on):


To decorate the tray, how about look for pretty scrapbook paper:


I chose the striped paper and cut it to size. I also sanded the tray’s edges to let lighter wood show for some contrast.


I used repositional spray glue under the scrapbook paper. You can also use Mod Podge. I sprayed the glue over our ugly basement utility sink, because this stuff flies all over and it sticks! It wound up all over a wall by the leaky pipes our plumber needs to look at. Geez. He’s gonna think, with a mysterious sticky wall, we have more problems than leaky pipes.

A credit card was the perfect tool to smooth the paper securely on the tray. And shouldn’t it get a chance to be involved in the projects it pays for?




Next, glue the T-bar to the tray. I used E-6000 glue. Make sure any backing underneath your T-bar is securely attached to your T-bar. Otherwise you might just glue the backing to the tray, and your T-bar will fall off! (Yes my T-bar backing was peeling off and that’s why I know to warn you.)

That’s it! Super easy project. Here’s the finished bangle bar:



I got a taller bar for necklaces. It could also tip over once it’s loaded with chains. Look for something wider and heavier to glue to the bottom of the T-bar. Here are my supplies for the necklace bar:


We had a pile of 4″ x 4″ rough beige travertine tiles left over from a bathroom renovation. I thought the rough tiles would be good contrast against the black velvet and the shiny jewelry to come. The tiles are small but heavy enough to give stability to the T-bar. So I glued the necklace T-bar to two tiles with E-6000 glue.


Oh geez please excuse the cat hair stuck on the black velvet. A Maine Coon lives here. Anyone who has had one, you know the pain of their super sticky hair.

Once dry, I was going to attach decorative feet to the corners of the tiles. But wait … the corners of the feet stuck up higher than the tile. Looks really stupid:


So I glued more tiles under the T-bar until they were high enough to look good with the decorative feet. Then I glued the feet on with E-6000 glue:


That’s it! Can’t get much easier than that.


I had intended to glue a little trinket dish in the bangle tray for earrings, but decided not to. The bangle bar is for bangles and bracelets. Load ’em up on the bar, pile ’em up on the tray.

Instead I grabbed another 4″ x 4″ travertine tile and decorated it with a stencil in gold paint, to coordinate with the bangle bar’s metallic paper:



Once the paint dried, it was time to glue the dish to the tile. But there’s a problem. Do you see it?


That concave base of the dish won’t attach unless there’s a huge puddle of glue in there! We don’t want to do that, too gloppy and sloppy. So I cut a little square of cardboard to fill the space and then glued the dish to the tile.

Here’s a new trio of jewelry holders, all styled up with a treasure chest:






If you need jewelry holders, try making these bars. They’re so easy and inexpensive to do. And you can have fun creatively decorating any base you want to use to make the T-bars bottom-heavy, so they’re stable and stay standing.

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