The Day Printed Paper Met Painted Wood

They call it serendipity.

A few boards Mod Podged with scrapbook paper were on the floor, waiting for the next step: stenciling with paints.

I took a break to open a really special package that arrived from Hammer & Hand Imports. It’s an old piece of weathered painted wood from India, and it’s going back to India. It will go under a granite counter in the India pied-à-terre’s master bathroom.

But look to the left at the papers … and back to the right at the painted wood … and … hey! These go together really well! Let’s put them together and take a bazillion photos like a crazy drooling person with a fetish for paper and wood. Sounds like a great Saturday night.

Here’s the whole thing:


Little compositions:




So here’s an idea, what about decoupage shelves with printed scrapbook papers, then attach weathered, chippy-painted wood underneath the shelves? Hang the shelves and set simple things on them, because the shelves alone would be decorative enough.



I hope this inspires you to put some unexpected things together. What would you do with printed papers and painted wood?

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3 Replies to “The Day Printed Paper Met Painted Wood”

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  2. This is great! Glad to find your blog and the ideas for your India apartment. How fabulous! Glad the door header arrived and that you love it. – Amy & Chris – Hammer & Hand

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