DIY Project: Spice Jars with Chalkboard Lids

I’m not a fan of shiny. Sparkly yes, if it’s gem-sized. Shiny, no. These IKEA spice jars are exactly what I wanted for the Chennai kitchen — the lids tilt out toward you. But I wasn’t loving the shiny.

Solution? The latest DIY craze — chalkboard paint of course!

By using chalk to write the spice names, you can easily change labels as you change spices — simply erase and write the new name.

I scratched up the shiny surface so the chalkboard paint would stick better.

Then I sprayed away. I applied two coats of chalkboard paint. Per instructions, I waited at least 24 hours before writing on the lids. Here’s the result:

I bought only four jars to test this first. As it worked OK, I’ll get more jars at IKEA and make a bigger set of spice jars. Because we use lots of spices for Indian cooking, y’know!

A side story about disorganization: Once in awhile I come across a piece of sandpaper and think, we really should keep all this stuff in one place so we can find it when we need it. Of course what happens? When sandpaper is needed (such as for this project) there’s hunting and running around all over on every floor in the house —

Is it in the basement? Could it be in the house supplies closet? In the toolbox? With the paint? Should I look in the basement again? It’s gotta be there.

Nope, no result. No sandpaper to be found. But it had to be in one of these places before, just had to be. Does this happen to anyone else?!? Then I remembered the scrapbooking distressing kit — it has a big emery board, steel wool and sandpaper. Some running around to find that, but it was located and Making Memories products saved the project without a trip to Menards for sandpaper. After which, I surely would have immediately found the sandpaper that’s in the house! That’s always how it works, yeah?

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