DIY: Flower Vase/Candleholder Made of … Concrete & Plumbing Pipes

What’s the result when you mix a milk carton + concrete + plumbing pipes? This:

Yes, you can make this cool flower vase/candleholder with just three supplies from the grocery store and home repair supply stores.

Start by drinking all the milk in a milk carton:

I suggest not being in such a hurry to do this DIY project that you drink all the milk at one time! Get some help. Preferably with chocolate to go with the milk.

I sprayed my plumbing pipes with silver paint before starting this project. The pipes were silver, but looked dingy. Spray painting them silver gave them a clean even look. You can spray your pipes any color, metallic or non-metallic.

Next I poured concrete (small bag from Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, et al) into the carton. I poured half of the height that I wanted at first. Then as the concrete started solidifying a bit, I held two plumbing pipes in place so the bottoms stop before they hit the bottom of the carton. I chose to stagger the heights of the plumbing pipes. While holding the pipes steady, finish pouring the concrete to the final height you want. I coordinated all this by myself, but it’s easier if you have someone help with an extra set of hands. I apologize for not having six hands and taking photos of this process. I’ll ask for six hands in my next life; that would be useful.

Make sure you straighten your pipes, if needed, before the concrete hardens. Unless you want pipes all askew, and that could be a fine look if that’s what you want.

After the concrete hardens, tear off the carton. It’s as easy as that!

This is what you get:

Here’s the bottom, so you can see the pipes did not go all the way to the bottom:

The sides are rough-looking from air bubbles and uneven coverage while pouring, and I like them this way:

I like the “industrial warehouse” look of this. And as a bonus, it’s never been knocked over by my two cats, who spend much time roaming all over the sunroom where this lives.

I’ve used it for both fake flowers, like the orchids and poppies in it now, as well as with very tall taper candles. If you want a candleholder, be sure the plumbing pipes are wide enough to fit taper candles. I took a candle to the store with me, and stuck it in pipes, and really didn’t care what people watching the security cameras thought! I hope it was entertaining for them.

People are making many creative things with concrete. I’ve pinned many ideas on a Pinterest Board, Set in Concrete. Here’s a few …

Concrete garden spheres via Better Homes & Gardens:

I love this idea to make concrete garden edging, also from Better Homes & Gardens:

Stitched concrete stools by Florian Schmid:

Concrete pendant lamps made to look like paper, by Designers Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung, via Remodelista:

Concrete iPhone docking station, by Etsy seller atstuart (this seller makes lots of concrete home decor items, check them out):

See, there’s so much you can do with concrete! There’s about 170 more ideas on my Set in Concrete Pinterest board.

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5 Replies to “DIY: Flower Vase/Candleholder Made of … Concrete & Plumbing Pipes”

  1. Man… It becomes clearer and clearer to me that I chose the wrong profession. I look at medical blogs and read a lot of writing blogs but THIS blog draws me in, always interests me, and makes me happy. Keep it up! :)

    Going to Pinterest now… :) been a follower there (you’d have to guess which one since my blog has no name) for a while too.

    1. I’m glad this makes you happy! Hope you get inspiration here to make your home happy. I spend some work time critically reviewing research and study designs. And trying to counteract opposing interests in our field, and other very logical thinking things. That serves the side of my brain that needs that challenge. But design and creativity/creating are as essential as air and water to me. I struggle when there isn’t time for creativity – get very cranky. So I make sure there’s always both in life somehow.

      I have no idea who you’d be on Pinterest! Hmmm, gonna wonder now …

      I totally understand being anonymous online. Especially from your blog’s content! Deb is my real first name but a few years ago I mistakenly posted under another WordPress login with my whole name. Now this can easily be found under my name on Google. So now I don’t share the stories about robbing banks last weekend. Ha ha! :)

      1. Hahahah… I feel the same way. I remember the first time a commenter emailed my personal address and I was, like, how’d you do that?! Super spy reaction. Tried to do a lock down on identity then, but still no idea of I succeeded. And I’m uncertain what to do once I’ve left this job. It’s not just work overlords who’d be offended. ;)

        Creativity rules.. My best month at work in 4 years was this Ramadan because maybe 3 patients a day and unlimited time to work on projects….relative contentment.

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