Same Blog, New Name

After 4 years of blogging, the focus here has inevitably shifted. Instead of talking only about an apartment in India, this blog is now about design inspiration from around the world. I’ve traveled to many places and I love mixing design styles from different cultures together (like Scandinavian + Indian)!

This new name is just catching up with content here, so not much else will change. So then, why even bother with a new name? Well, a few reasons:

1. I think my blog name made some people feel uncomfortable.

People don’t know what a “pied-à-terre” is! It’s human nature to avoid what we don’t know or don’t understand. Plus, we’re all busy. Who wants to waste time? So just seeing a blog name, we make assumptions about what’s there before we click. Will it interest us? Is it relevant for us? What happens if people don’t know what a blog’s name means?

On the other hand, I know some people felt an affinity with the name and it drew them to this blog. Obviously I chose the name, so I felt a connection to it. But for the reasons shared today, I’ve had many second thoughts.

2. People don’t know how to say “pied-à-terre.” Even I mispronounced by own blog name!

I went to the Haven conference last year saying the name of my own blog wrong! Because everyone asked, how do you say that?

When calling GoDaddy support, I hear the tech try so hard to not say “pied-à-terre.” They’ll say “that other blog on here.” The brave ones will try. They say “Indiaaaaaaaaa peeee-eddddd …” then they trail off with  “mmmnnmnnn terrrr.” Like you mumble when you don’t know the words to a song but you don’t want anyone to know. It’s funny but not funny. Because it became painfully obvious that my blog’s name can make people feel uncomfortable.

3. We got 90% of the India pied-à-terre built, but it will be awhile before we do that last 10%.

This blog began in October 2010 to chronicle the progress of constructing and decorating the India pied-à-terre. But it’s been a few years since we’ve done anything to the apartment. So there hasn’t been anything to say in years! When we have the time and energy to finish the last 10% that makes it habitable (like installing toilets and bathroom plumbing), and then finally decorate, I’ll share all, and it will still fit with the new identity here. What’s more nomadic than having  homes on different continents?!

While the India pied-à-terre identity became a real part of my daily life and even an alter ego of me as a person, it’s time for the name to be what it originally was — a place in Chennai, India — because my interests span the whole world. I feel like the “nomadic decorator” fits me.

4. I feel itchy when things stay the same too long.

I like change. Many years ago, a college roommate asked in frustration, “Why can’t you just be happy where you are?” It was a question that said something about both of us. First, I thought who would be happy where we were living as poor college students?! I was eating tomato soup for meals and noticed when the price went up a few pennies. So at the time I thought it was a really odd question. But those nine words have been burned in my brain, over 20 years later now. I can hear her voice just as clearly today. She maybe was happy, and was confused that I wasn’t. She had found a way to make the best of the situation. And in that way, she probably had it better than I did. But I am always thinking, what’s next? Because to not think that, in my mind, is to stand still, and to stand still for too long is unthinkable. The fact that my roommate’s question made such a long-lasting impression means it tapped into a deep-rooted mindset. It is the mindset of someone who keeps moving, someone who has nomadic tendencies.

Nomadic tendencies can be actual travel to different places. Or they can be changing interests, a changing life, changing jobs and careers, changing values and priorities. Any way you can keep moving, learning and growing as a person. That’s what it means to me.

I admit there’s a lump in my throat while writing this. And maybe there will be a tear or two with the finality of hitting “publish.” To everyone who has followed along here and supported the blog as India pied-à-terre, I’d like to say a huge thank you. I hope you enjoy what is in store next here!

P.S. — I’m not leaving India behind! In fact there’s a new tab at the top for the history of and any future updates about the “India pied-à-terre.”



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5 Replies to “Same Blog, New Name”

  1. I can understand this but I will miss the name…. I loved the uniqueness of it….. Love your blog & have gotten so many great ideas from you….. :)

      1. Hmmm … this is posting as India pied-a-terre not Nomadic Decorator. Is that a sign? LOL. I am putting together a page of all the things you need to do when you change a blog name and here’s another thing for the to-do list …

  2. I always look at things as signs….try the new name out for awhile…if it doesn’t feel right you can always go back to India pied-a-terre… :) I think the fact that people cannot pronounce it, should encourage them to learn new things… that is just my opinion…I think learning something new…a new word, a new language or culture just expands your knowledge….stepping outside the box ..which is a good thing….. ;)

    1. I absolutely agree with you. What I have found over the years is the blog is drawing people from India. Not as much from people who are not of Indian origin. Hmmm. Interesting. Because the content here is for anyone!

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