DIY: Color-Poppin’ Poppies in the Sunroom

Sunrooms make me think of brightness, happiness and the summer colors of flower gardens just outside. But, for years our sunroom had a long boring blank beige wall. Like 20 feet of boring blank beige.

Here’s a shot of the wall from an allium centerpiece DIY I did last summer:


It’s an exterior wall of the house, so I don’t want to paint the wall a different color than the rest of the house exterior.

What to do? Poppies! Poppies by artist Jennifer Lommers came to the rescue. Here’s a sample of her happy colors:

Under a Sky of Peaches and Cream by Jennifer Lommers

Tea for Two in the Enchanted Garden by Jennifer Lommers

Red Poppies by Jennifer Lommers

She sells these prints and original works on etsy, and her prints are also available on sites like I purchased from because you can get very large prints for a decent price.

So I got two big prints of poppies. And then faced a dilemma. I really don’t want to pay a lot for framing right now. I’ve paid in the past. But frankly I’m tired of paying. I’d honestly rather retire early. So what to do?

I found a huge plain wood frame at Hobby Lobby for $10. It was so big, it was difficult to get it into my SUV. I drove home with a corner of it around my neck! I decided to Mod Podge the prints on a wood backing and glue the frame on that wood. So when our carpenter was here doing repair work, I asked him to saw a piece of plywood found in the garage to fit the frame. The plywood was left over from a roof replacement. It’s not the finest treatment but it is economical.

On a nice warm sunny day, the frame was glued onto the plywood with wood glue:


The frame is so lightweight, I can lift it with a pinky finger. So I wasn’t worried about using only wood glue and no nails.

Then I Mod Podged the prints onto the plywood (yes I put two poppy prints in one frame):



Next I applied a layer of Mod Podge over the prints to protect them. I did this indoors so bugs wouldn’t get stuck in the Mod Podge!

Then I painted the frame with turquoise acrylic paint, and the exposed plywood with lime green acrylic paint. I was closely supervised while painting.


I wanted a fun contrasting color on the frame, but I wanted the “inside” color to recede and not call much attention to itself. Because the point here really is the poppies.

Here’s the final result:


I also found fun colorful glass bottles in a metal stand at Arhaus. Just popped some dill flowers in for a casual look, hung it next to the poppies, and called the once boring beige wall colorful and happy!



* * * * *

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6 Replies to “DIY: Color-Poppin’ Poppies in the Sunroom”

    1. Thank you Angela! It makes us happy just looking at it. Exactly what we wanted for a sunroom. I see the project you did with distressing art is exactly what I originally planned to do with these prints – I was going to distress them because the plywood is rough. But I wound up not sure about doing it because if it didn’t look good, it can’t be undone. Your project looks great. Ripping the edges of the poster is perfect for distressing!

  1. Awesome! Love the colors! Thank you so much for the idea. Like you, I don’t want to spend the money on framing it, but I have this huge Led Zeppelin poster I need to do something with. Hobby Lobby, here I come! Thanks!

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