DIY Tassel Bundle in Two Easy Steps

I recently wrote about how tribal tassels are so boho chic right now. I’ve wanted to dangle tassels off a tote bag handle à la “Anthropologie style:”

Anthropologie Tote Bags with Tassels

But where do you buy a tassel bundle? I’m not sure you can? It’s easy to find single tassels, but a bundle of them? An obvious solution is to make DIY tassel bundles! It’s super easy. Here’s mine:

Tassel Bundle on Tote Bag

Here’s the supplies to gather if you want a tassel bundle like mine. Of course you can use your creativity and go off this beaten path and make your own unique tassel bundle with different materials.

Supplies to Make DIY Tassel Bundle


  • Three tassels – I chose one large and two small tassels in black and red. Found at Joann near the upholstery section, in the trimmings aisle with rope/cording and tassels. These trimmings are usually put on pillows, curtains and curtain tie-backs but let’s use them for something else!
  • Little tassels of beads hanging on ribbon – Found at Joann in the trimmings aisle near the upholstery section
  • Beads with wide holes – Found at Joann in the jewelry-making aisle
  • Key ring – Found at Joann or Hobby Lobby in the jewelry-making aisle

That’s it! Simple supplies.

There’s a red and black claw or tooth shape thing in the supplies photos that I didn’t use — it added too much weight. But it’s cool-lookin’ so I’ll do something else with it.

Supplies to Make DIY Tassel Bundle

How to Make It

Step 1. First string a few beads onto the long string loop for each tassel. I used a mix of silver and gold beads. You could also use wood beads or glass beads. Just make sure the beads have wide holes. You need holes wide enough to thread the thicker string through, as you can see here.

Thread Beads on Tassel Loops

The beads (whatever material you choose) add a contrasting element to the tassels so you don’t have just plain tassels hanging down. This little addition makes a big difference visually.

Leave a little loop sticking out from the beads:

Beads Threaded on Tassel Loops

Step 2. String the various tassels, charms, etc. onto the the key ring.

How to Make a DIY Tassel Bundle

You’re done! That’s it!

My key ring had a flip-open feature that made it easier to put the tassels on it:

Loading Tassels on Keyring

I think if you choose five elements to hang on the key ring, you’ll have a nice bundle. It could be five tassels. It could be a combo of tassels and beads threaded on yarn. You could hang charms. Or if you can find beaded tassels, as I lucked out to find in my bundle’s colors, grab them! Those beads will beef up the boho style.

Bohemian Tassels

So after you made this thing, what do you do with a tassel bundle? You can hang it from a cabinet knob or handle. Like these tassels shown by The Southern:

Hang Tassels from Cabinet Knobs and Handles

You can hang it from a doorknob. Like this tassel Slim Paley photographed at the Royal Mansour in Marrakech:

Tassels at the Royal Mansour in Marrakech by Slim Paley

You can hang it on a handbag handle. Like my tassel hanging on a tote bag I stenciled:

Tassel Bundle on Tote Bag

That painted stenciled tote bag is the next post!

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  1. I have tried to find out what you have to say about stencilling on silk and every time I select the photo it goes to the tassel making photos…. what is wrong with the site and how do I go to the silk stencilling page?

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