Holiday Decorating with Red & Green and Gold & Silver from India

The over-the-top sequins, mirrors and sparkle from India are perfect for holiday decorating. These things are naturally festive! To easily find looks from India for Christmas decor, I usually scroll through eBay and etsy. Today, here are some ideas from eBay …

The seller shows this shawl draped over shoulders – and of course! – but at a generous 82″ by 40″, couldn’t it also be draped over a table:

Maroon Kashmiri Shawl from eBay seller indianbeautiful art

Add some gold and silver candlesticks, or even mercury glass, and you’ve got a great holiday look on a console table, cocktail table or smaller dining table. Take another look at any Indian shawl and see how you could use it as home decor, not just clothing.

TIP: **If you’re interested in purchasing anything that will ship economy from India for your holiday decorating, click the eBay Buy It Now button very soon. Economy shipping takes awhile and you will need to order this week to ensure you receive items before Christmas.**

Vintage and new sari borders are great to use as unique ribbons for presents, to add a strip of mirrors and sequins to a fireplace mantel, and to wrap around plain glass candle hurricanes to instantly turn them into holiday candleholders. There’s so many ways you can use sari borders and there’s an endless supply of them on eBay in red, green, gold and silver. This one-yard length of vintage silk has pretty mirrorwork and with both red and green, it’s perfect for Christmas decorating:

Vintage silk sari border from ebay seller sanskriti india

WIth green and golden zari touches, this vintage dupatta (like a scarf Indian women wear) is festive enough for holiday decorating. Add lots of brass candlesticks!

Vintage green and gold dupatta from eBay seller sanskriti india

Dupattas are a perfect shape for table runners. Just search “vintage dupatta” in eBay. At any time, you will find a never-ending supply of different colors and styles. Here’s another vintage silk dupatta in red:

Vintage red beaded dupatta from eBay seller sanskriti india

It even has gold and green beadwork, perfect for the holidays!

You might not think of pineapples as a holiday motif. But the pineapple is a traditional symbol to welcome people to your home. Mix it with brass and wood candleholders and it’s perfectly at home with your holiday decor. Here’s a brass pineapple from India:

Brass pineapple from India from eBay seller robint69

Wouldn’t a genie lamp make all your holiday wishes come true (a genie tells me this eBay seller wishes for Johnnie Depp):

Brass India Genie Lamp from eBay Seller jdepplover2006

Etched brass trays like this one are gorgeous for elegant holiday decorating and this one comes with a bonus – five brass goblets. You could set tealights in the goblets:

Etched Brass Tray and Goblets from eBay seller ragnboneresale

That’s a miniature set, but you can find etched brass trays in very large sizes on eBay as well.

Let’s look for some silver now.

If you don’t have small children or pets who would get in trouble with them, you could scatter large silver beads around a holiday tablescape. Like, think about how you might scatter acorns around a table centerpiece for fall and Thanksgiving decorating. Do the same thing with large beads! This bead is about 1″ in diameter, large enough that its red and green details would not be missed:

Silver Green and Red Bead from eBay seller alqator

I hope you’re convinced to search for holiday colors in items from India. And to look at everyday things in a different way to see the decorating potential in them!

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